Elvis’s Harley Davidson Sold at auction

Elvis's Harley Davidson Sold at auction

Elvis’s Harley Davidson Sold at auction

When, a couple of weeks ago, we heard that Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson Electra Glide was going to auction we could not believe it. Believe it or not, the last August the 31st, in Los Angeles, Elvis’s Electra Glide was sold at the Artifacts of Hollywood auction. Although the motorcycle owned by The King of Rock is now the thrid most expensive motorcycle in the world, it did not meet the expected price point.

elvis presley harley electra glide

Harley Davidson Electra Glide: a myth

This Harley was bought by Elvis Presley a couple of month before his premature death in 1977; which makes it the last motorcycle bought by The King of Rock. Due to its owner’s fate, this 1976 Electra Glide only rode for 130 miles. Pioneer Auto Museum di Murdo nel South Dakota has been preserving it from 1980 up untli today. Back when they announced the bike would be up for grabs at the Artifacts of Hollywood and Music auction, the folks at GWS Auctions expected the bike to fetch as much as $2M. Had the auction reached the ambitious estimate, the 76’ Electra Glide would have become the most expensive bike in the world. However, as much as people still love the King even 40 years after his death, nobody was willing to throw their millions at the auctioneers to get their hands on a motorcycle his butt had touched. Instead, on August 31, the Harley fetched only a third of the anticipated amount, going for $800k. Only a third of the expected amount.

His cars went to auction too

Along with his motorcycle, a couple of his cares were auctioned on the same day. However, none of the two cars had the same succes as his Harley Davidson. A 1973 Lincoln Continental and a 1967 GMC Pick Up, respectivly sold for 70.000$ and 30.000$

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