Dresden – Leather saddlebag for BMW R 18®

Dresden is a capacious leather saddlebag for either left or right side of 2020-2021 BMW® R 18® models.
Specifically designed for the R 18 frame, Dresden back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure with a cut-out that allows for a tight to the fender installation. Dresden is available for either left or right side and can be ordered with a detachable system that allows to place it and remove it from the motorcycle with a simple gesture.
Dresden will grant you the same amount of space that makes large bags desirable, combined with compact bags versatility, all topped with the premium materials and handcrafting skills that made Ends Cuoio so famous all over the world.

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Dresden on 2021 BMW R 18® models.

Hard Mount Dresden and Dresden with Detachable Bracket.

The saddlebag with the detachable bracket in the picture is not Dresden, however the installation system is exactly the same.

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