Discover Ends Cuoio new wrinkled leather

wrinkled leather, new Ends Cuoio Bags

Discover Ends Cuoio new wrinkled leather

Wrinkled leather. An amazing material that combines quality, design and innovation. Three words that perfectly represent Ends Cuoio philosophy. An attitude that drives us since when, motivated by our passion for motorcycles and leather crafts, we started designing and producing leather bags, seats and accessories for motorcycle.

Quality first. Our leather only comes from the best tanneries in the world: Tuscan tanneries that belong to the Genuine Italian Vegetable tanned leather consortium. The consortium regulates, preserves and guarantees the production of vegetable tanned leather made in Tuscany through its quality trademark. The Consortium has also created a guarantee certificate that certifies leather origins and entire production cycle. Artisans like Ends Cuoio that are also customers of  tanneries associated with the Consortium have the right to apply the Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather warranty tag to their finished products.

Design. Our artisans not only are focused on structural excellence but also aesthetics: to have a practical motorcycle saddlebag that is also good to look at and capable of enhancing our motorcycle lines is always a great pleasure.

Wrinkled Leather by Ends Cuoio: only the best

Innovation, here at Ends Cuoio, is a keyword. We are always looking for something new, for that detail that makes the difference allowing us to always offer the best products possible to our customers and retailers. Today, the outcome of our drive to innovate is a new line of wrinkled leather saddlebags. This kind of leather is innovative because it adds an unprecedented resistance to scratches to the qualities of the leather you are already used to.

Once we witnessed this leather capabilities, we decided to introduce it into all our bestsellers production line. We took, for example, Paco and Beat  and made two new versions of it: one with a resistant and minimal fine texture and a second one with a more ruvid and rock texture. These more scratch resistant bags are the best solution for who is always afraid to ruin his leather saddlebag while getting on the motorcycle, which is very common! With Ends Cuoio new wrinkled bags there is nothing to be worried about: you will be able to jump on you motorcycle and go, knowing that your Ends Cuoio bag will get through all the adventures you desire.

Wrinkled bags - Beat

Ends Cuoio Bags

When people talk about us, despite the fact that we handcraft a various number of products, they talk about our leather bags for motorcycles. Leather bags represent the very best of our production; products of which creation comes from the desire of satisfying a precise need: produce something functional, durable that can also please the eye thanks to an unmatched design. Ends Cuoio produces premium vegetable tanned leather saddlebags thanks to a meticulous choice of premium materials and thanks to the work of highly skilled leather artisans that every day are able to express their self creating fine products that represent the very best of Made in Italy.

The key of our saddlebags success is the meticulous study of the motorcycle models for which our products are designed for. When creating a new backpanel with a cutout for the suspension, or when creating a new detachable systems, our experts and our Centro Stile – beside pushing the limits of the products already available on the market – study every detail of a given motorcycle model in order to provide the best installing and riding experience possible to our fellow biker. Attention to detail and a unique design that screams innovation are icing on an already perfect cake. Our experience in leather works, our studies and our innovative choices are the reason why we grew at the point of being well know all over the world.

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