Different types of riders and their motorcycle outfits: which one are you?

Different types of riders and their motorcycle outfits: which one are you?

Bikers just want to enjoy life: they have their preferences over what they ride, how they ride, and their motorcycle outfits. These three details create a very diverse crowd of bikers that find the peak of their satisfaction riding the motorcycle that reflects their personality the most. Let’s see a couple of them!

Retro Riders

These riders, and their motorcycles are simply incredible. You can see them going around in groups, wrapped in their vintage motorcycle outfits. Usually, they ride with family members or with a vintage motorcycle club. Other riders might think that they have no interest in modern motorcycle but that is not entirely true: they simply preferer to preserve and cherish vintage motorcycles so the world can enjoy them for a little longer.

Adventure Tourers

This kind of riders live to cover distance on their motorcycles. They usually ride their motorcycle all year around using summer apparel and winter apparel. They plan at least one big road trip per year, and when I say “big”, I really mean big: 12+ days of non-stop riding.

Most of these would prefer riding solo – with exception for family members or friends that share the same riding philosophy – to accomplish their set targets as per their itinerary.
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Hardcore Commuters

From head to toe, this rider has each and every bit of riding gear in his collection of motorcycle outfits, you name it and he would have it.  The trust their abilities and are able to pack every bit of baggage possible. Sports tourers are the first choice of such type of riders. Riding in extreme conditions and temperatures is a child’s play for them, they will just pull over to cover himself more/lighten a bit and then get back on the road like nothing is happening.


This kind of bikers are crazy enough to pull stunts on the open road. You can see them pulling wheelies, stoppies, and cutting through traffic like there’s no tomorrow. I believe no traffic can stop them, not even during peak hours: plus, if the situation gets too intense, they’ll just do triple digits speeds on the emergency lane. Their motorcycle outfits include baggy pants, sneakers, sunglasses and – sometimes – a shirt.


These bikers know every trick in the book when it comes to cleaning. Their motorcycles are always spot-on: every single part is shiny, even nuts and bolts. Despite the regular time required to clean a motorcycle is around 1-2 hours, these bikers will spend a whole afternoon using shampoos, polishes, cleansers, and brushes unknow to regular human being. Their motorcycle outfits are as clean as their motorcycles, they wash them every time they get back from a ride.

Do it yourself bikers

These riders would be able to fix anything. They know every bit of their motorcycle, own the service manual and a complete set of torque wrench that covers all torque values in the book. Their motorcycle does not need to see a mechanic, they do everything from simple oil changes to full engine teardowns. They have the coolest and smallest tool kit, usually stored in the tiniest space you could find on the motorcycle. They do not fear abandoned highways because they are prepared for just about anything. They buy their motorcycle outfits after evaluating the functionality of each component of the equipment.

We had fun writing this piece today! I was able to recognize myself and some of my friends in this page. Which one of these represents you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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