Custom Bike Seats: Low Seats vs Spring Seats

Custom Bike Seats

Custom Bike Seats: Low Seats vs Spring Seats

Custom bike seats are a very important element in every customization. The choice between a sleak low looking seat and a springed one have driven all of us crazy at least once in our lives. I therefore decided it is time to talk about seats and giggels see which one our customers like the most.

Custom bike seats: low seat vs spring seat

First of all I would like to state that comfort is not the priority here. When purchasing custom bike seats you know you are saying “bye bye” to that touring seat comfort but, trust me, it’s worth it.

Low Seats

Low seats have always had that cool look to them. It is like they have been designed in heaven to delight us with their looks. On the other hand, it is like they have been made in hell to make our butts hurt! Jokes aside, bikes with low seats have the sleakest looks ever: the sight of seat that perfectly follows the frame lines is simply irresistible to me. These seats only have a con…comfort. Let’s be clear, it’s not like they’ve been made in hell for real, is just that after a 3 days ride you’ll start feeling it a bit. A big game changer is to get a gel & memory foam padded one: your motorcycle would still look sick and your butt will thank you!

Spring Seats

We are in the big boys leage here, why? Because with the right seat conversion kit you can install any seat you want! Don’t get fooled though, with a great number of choices come great responsibilities! It is plenty of kinds of springs: hard, medium, soft; high, medium, low, and round, oval, scissor spings. The choice may vary on how you want your motorcycle to look but it impacts comfort as well. Is is important to remember that springs hardness may vary depending on the bikers’ weight. Choose the right spring, get a gel & memory foam padded seat and you will love every minute of it!

Custom bike seats: our customers choice

I said that I was going to come up with a list of our customers’ favourites, so here it is!

Low Seats are specific for each Sportster®, Dyna® and Indian® Scout® models, this seats made our customers very happy through the years. Solo Low trapuntata  is kind of our best seller for Sportster models. Bikers love it because of how it looks, especially in brown leather: cream seams really look good on brown! Customers find it comfortable for a low seat, it must be told that the vast majority of the them get it with gel & memory foam padding! Dyna Low  is our most loved  low seat for Harley-Davidson Dyna. Although brown and light tanned leather are cool, our customers like it a lot in black. Zuni is our low seat for Indian® Scout® and Scout® Bobber models. It is a new entry and riders are already loving it. Probably because there is nothing like this on the market for Indian® at this moment in time, or maybe because it makes all Scout® and Scout® Bobber models look sexy as hell!

Spring seats have been driving bikers and customizers crazy since the very moment they came out. Thanks to a specific seat conversion kit, it is possible to install them on Sportster®, Dyna® and Indian® Scout® and Scout® Bobber models. Mini Police Trapuntata is the most loved by riders and customizers! Since we started hand crafting it, we have had a large numbers of customizers requesting it in all its variants. Gietl Bikes always keeps us in consideration for its seats when its team comes up with a new project. Customers, of course, appear to love this seat too, most of the times they choose it with gel & memory foam padding. Little single appears to be the best choice for small custom projects and for Sportster® riders. Its compact shape and its sleek look are probably the cause of its success. Customizers teams like it regular, while riders like it with gel & memory foam padding.

Here you have it! Low seats and spring seats have no more secrets for you! Which seat style you like the most? Let us know in comments!

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