Ends Cuoio started almost for fun in the room of a house in Paliano at the beginning of the 2000s, when the two founders decided to create a brand that could convey style and quality through innovative products. Every saddlebag, seat and leather accessory is designed and handcrafted in our labs, where using high quality materials, paying attention to details, and the constant research for a unique style are the key features of the production line.

Every element of our products is designed taking in consideration every motorcycle model spec; this allows us to create the only saddlebags on the market equipped with cutouts specifically designed to completely adhere to the motorcycle body. Our products design also plays a key role in the installation process, which does not require the use of additional brakets or any motorcycle modification.

Our experience in leather handcrafting -so crucial to create products that are excellent in every detail- allowed us to internationally establish our brand. This success pushed us to expand our catalog and produce seats, toolbags and grips.

Our mission

Alongside names as Harley Davidson, Triumph and Indian, nothing can be left to chance: our goal is to create something far from being just an object, we desire to offer an exclusive symbol of the combination between the quality of Made in Italy and the timeless charm of the bikers universe.