Classic motorcycles: models that made history

Classic motorcycles

Classic motorcycles: models that made history

History of classic motorcycles is filled by an incredible number of models: captivating designs, power and speed.

Years go by but classic motorcycles are here to stay: Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW and Moto Guzzi; over the years, these motorcycle companies have created some of the most iconic motorcycle models bikers could buy.

Classic Motorcycles: Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW and Moto Guzzi

Harley-Davidson Sportster

Harley-Davidson, one of the most popular and iconic motorcycle brands, was established in Milwaukee in 1903: years in which the company moved from the prototype “Model 0” to the “Model 1” project.

Freedom and enthusiasm are the keywords when talking about Harley-Davidson.

Among all the models that made Harley-Davidson history we can surely put a light on the Sportster: even though its looks haven’t changed much over the years, the company has been continuously updating this model since its launch in 1957.

Harley-Davidson Sportster signatures, beside its “peanut” tank, are:

  • Two motor options, the Harley Davidson Evolution 883 and 1200
  • Both options are air-cooled and have a 45° V angle
  • 5 gears transmission (there were only 4 until 1991)

Its success over the years granted this model a special place among Classic Motorcycles and in the heart of all enthusiasts.

Indian Scout

Indian was established by George Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom who, after producing the very first V-Twin racing motorcycle, on the ‘20s designed and produced the Scout.

With a minimal and slim design, it had great performances for its time: it was equipped with a 600cc V 42° engine, 3 gear transmission and a foot clutch.

In 1920 the Scout was able to reach 80km/h, pretty astonishing.

Resistant and reliable, in little time was able to become the consumer’s first choice. Last, but not least, bikers love it so much because of its smooth lines and the company name on the tank that made it so distinguishable.


BMW is one of the most famous motorcycles and car companies in the world.

Established in Germany by Karl Rapp and Gustavo Ott, BMW produces its first motorcycle engine in 1921. The first motorcycle – named “Helios” and equipped with that very same engine – will be revealed in 1922.

Our favorite BMW Classic Motorcycle that made history is the BMW R32: launched in 1923, it was equipped the 494cc M2 B33 motor. This engine – equipped with an oil recirculation system, and a cardan shaft to transfer more power to the rear wheel – could produce a staggering (for that era) 8,5 HP granting a top speed of 95 km/h.

The BMW R32 has always been seen as a performing motorcycle ahead of its time.

Moto Guzzi Motoleggera 65

Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle company that made history thanks to its performance and reliability.

Established in 1921 Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi, Guzzi is now specialized in 90° V-Twin engines.

Our favorite Moto Guzzi model is the Motoleggera 65, nicknamed “Guzzino” because of how easy it was to ride. Its engine produced 2cv and granted a top speed of 50km/h.

This motorcycle easily became a cult in Italy: in 1948 Guzzi added an electric horn, a new tank cap and a new exhaust.

The “Guzzino” was substituted by the Cardellino in 1954, after a staggering 71.534 unit sold.

These are only few of the motorcycle models who made history, if you have some suggestions, please write us.

Keep reading our magazine to read more articles like this and to stay updated on what’s new in the biker’s world!

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