Cherokee Saddlebag For Indian® Scout Bobber®

cherokee saddlebag for indian scout bobber

Cherokee Saddlebag For Indian® Scout Bobber®

Cherokee, leather saddlebag specifically designed for Indian® Scout Bobber® models, ideal for those who want to enjoy the convenience of having a side bag without sacrificing the attractive look of their Indian®.

Why is this Cherokee saddlebag so unique?

Appearances definitely count but, when you have to choose a bag, other factors come into play. For this reason, in addition to having a fascinating aesthetic, Cherokee has been structured to be practical, versatile and easy to install. It is supplied with an installation kit consisting of two bolts, nuts and a bracket.
Cherokee is available for both left and right side.

Cherokee back-panel is composed of an innovative iron structure, shaped with a cut-out specifically designed for Scout Bobber® models, which allows it to sit at just 1cm from the fender. This leather covered iron structure provides a greater resistance, ensuring adequate support even when the saddlebag is fully loaded.

Cherokee is made of 4mm thick vegetable tanned bull leather, personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries.
“Vegetable tanned leather absorbs our traces, ages, colors with the sun, shows the changes and customizations that occur with time and makes them its utmost declaration of naturalness and truth.” For this reason Cherokee will change over time based on the care and use that is made of it, assuming strong and fascinating traits of the biker personality.

Cherokee is seamed using polyester yarns, of various colors, produced using first choice materials with systems that meet the quality criteria certified EN ISO 9001.
Polyester yarns have excellent mechanical characteristics such as: high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, high knot strength and very low liquid absorption. These characteristics make them the best choice for a product designed to travel several kilometers under favorable and unfavorable weather conditions.

Our quick Buckles can be added as optional when ordering Cherokee. It is a really safe and resistant spring loaded stainless steel system.

Ends Cuoio Saddlebags

Our leather saddlebags are the outcome of a meticulous study of the models for which they are designed for and of the spaces they have to fill. Key factors in our production definitely are attention to detail and a continuous search for a unique and unmistakable style.

Our twenty years of experience in crafting leather products is crucial for the creation of excellent products and represents the main reason for which we are famous all over the world. Our leather bags are – so far – the only ones on the market to have specific cut outs that allow them to fit as close as possible to the motorcycle fender.

Functionality represents another important feature: installing our bags is very easy and does not require any modification to the motorcycle. Plus, we have stainless steel detachable systems composed of a bracket, two bushings and a lock: a system thanks to which is possible to place and remove the bag with a single movement.

To handcraft all our products we only use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries. Tanneries that belong to the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. Leather obtained with this 100% natural process is environment friendly and unique. This tanning process enhances every pelt detail creating an exclusive and authentic final result. We believe that the best trait this leather has is the patina that it develops over time. Matter of fact, vegetable tanned leather gets better and better over time absorbing our traces and, therefore, being able to tell the stories of the adventure lived together. It definitely the best choice for a motorcycle accessory studied to be part of unforgettable experiences lived all around the world.

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