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Motorcycles have been part of our lives for a century: books music, movies and stories. Talking about motorcycles means talking about us. Being a biker is not an hobby, is a lifestyle.

2020 new indian models

New 2020 Indian Motorcycle® models

Rumors about brand new Indian Motorcycle models have been running around for a while now. Dealers and riders, thanks to a couple of leaks, are aware of the models that the Springfield based company will launch in 2020: Challenger 108 and Roadmaster. Let's dive into all the news, details and info we have on these leaked and highly expected new...

milwaukee eight oil change

Harley Davidson Milwaukee eight oil change

How to performa a Milwaukee eight oil change? If you know a brand new Harley Davidson, that must be a recurring topic between you and your friends. Bikers family is huge and its members are always ready to share their knowledge with others. We can all benefit from a helping hand from time to time. Big props to Fat...

How to change oil on Indian Scout

How to change oil on a Indian® Scout®

Today we are going to show you how to change oil on Indian Scout. In the world we live in a lot of people have a motorcycle and prise it for its power and beauty.Some of them treat their bike like family members they would give up their life for. I cannot even begin to explain that feeling to you,...

how to take care of leather saddlebags

How to take care of leather saddlebags

Are you wondering about how to take care of your leather saddlebags? Do not worry about it, we will tell you everything there is to know about it. Motorcycle lather accessories can really take a beating. Let’s face it, even the most pampered motorcycle can fall victim to wind, weather, and road conditions. Therefore proper leather care is not only important,...

Custom Bike Seats

Custom Bike Seats: Low Seats vs Spring Seats

Custom bike seats are a very important element in every customization. The choice between a sleak low looking seat and a springed one have driven all of us crazy at least once in our lives. I therefore decided it is time to talk about seats and giggels see which one our customers like the most.

Custom bike seats: low seat vs...

packing for a motorcycle trip

Packing for a motorcycle trip: the ultimate guide

Back in the days, bikers used to travel with just a toothbrush and a bedroll. Today, we all take more stuff on tour, and packing it right takes some planning. Let's dive into the essential items to consider when packing for a motorcycle trip.

Motorcycle trip: what to take

Before you decide what to take on a multi-day trip, you need to...

street bob accessories

Street Bob Accessories: All you need to have

How many times, when buying a new motorcycle, we have found ourselves saying "this time I am going to keep it stock" and actually ended up changing most of the original parts? The answer is: countless! Everyone likes to make his bike unique and Harley Davidson world is full of custom parts that allow you to completely change the look...

lateral saddlebags

Lateral Saddlebags: Small Bags VS Large Bags

Last time we saw the differences between leather saddlebags and hard bags, now it is time to go over the main differences between lateral saddlebags: big bags and small bags. A lateral saddlebag or a pair of leather saddlebags are an essential and practical addition to any motorcycle. Every biker deserve to have a place in which is possible...

hard bags vs leather bags

Hard Bags VS Leather Bags: Which One Is The Best For You?

Harley-Davidson® production line every year places on the market as much hard bags equipped touring models, as Dyna®, Sportster® and Softail® which come out the factory with no saddlebags. Thanks to a dynamic market and bikers' taste, a wide choice of hard and leather saddlebags is available for all Harley-Davidson® models. Let’s dive into the main differences between both kind...

Moto.App: A Safety App For Bikers

Moto.App: A Safety App For Bikers

MOTO.APP  saw the light on Tuesday July the 17th at Confindustria ANCMA Milan office. This represents an enormous achievement because it is the first time that in Italy bikers have an app for motorcycle safety that allows them to record journeys, monitor driving style, analyze and share info and data with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

MOTO.APP: safety first

Andrea Dell'Orto, during the conference...


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