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To take care of a motorcycle is not a duty, is something – done out of passion – that is rooted in our soul. Everything else can be a mess but our motorcycle must be in a perfect condition. Always.

Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary | Pictures & Specs

Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary | Pictures & Specs

2020 keeps covering us in surprises of any kind and Indian® is definitely showing off! Two brand new versions of the Springfield based company best selling motorcycle are expected for 2020: Indian® Scout® 100th Anniversary Limited Edition and Indian® Bobber Twenty. If we think about it, it is more than legitimate: Indian® is getting ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of...

harley davidson livewire

Harley Davidson LiveWire: the future is green!

We could not miss out on the new Harley Davidson LiveWire, the electric motorcycle that is supposed to revolutionize the motorcycle market forever. The electric is a new developing segment of the highly competitive motorcycle market. A huge revolution is already happening in the cars market, where electric vehicles are almost leading the market. Considering nowadays fuel costs and consumption, and...

harley davidson new models up until 2022

New Harley Davidson models up until 2022

Motorcycle market is as competitive as the riders for which all kinds of models are produced for. Last week we talked about Indian® plans for 2020 so, I believe, that is now time for us to stick our nose into Harley Davidson® future plans. Recently, business is not going accordingly to the Milwaukee based company plans. A rought patch that...

2020 new indian models

New 2020 Indian Motorcycle® models

Rumors about brand new Indian Motorcycle models have been running around for a while now. Dealers and riders, thanks to a couple of leaks, are aware of the models that the Springfield based company will launch in 2020: Challenger 108 and Roadmaster. Let's dive into all the news, details and info we have on these leaked and highly expected new...



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