Craftsmanship and Leather

Magazine – Craftsmanship and Leather

Our products secret is the quality of the leather we choose. We exclusively use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries.

We have decided to only use leather from these tanneries because, tanning leather following the footsteps of Renaissance leather master, they represent excellence.

motorcycle destinations

Winter motorcycle destinations: our suggestions

To some it might be the most wonderful time of the year but, for us, it is just the reason to be forced at home by bad weather.  So, we decided to make a list of winter motorcycle destinations that might cure your winter blues. Let’s see them together. Pacific Coast Highway, California California is the perfect destination for those looking to...

Different types of riders and their motorcycle outfits: which one are you?

Bikers just want to enjoy life: they have their preferences over what they ride, how they ride, and their motorcycle outfits. These three details create a very diverse crowd of bikers that find the peak of their satisfaction riding the motorcycle that reflects their personality the most. Let’s see a couple of them! Retro Riders These riders, and their motorcycles are simply...

Motorcycle outfit

Motorcycle outfit: a little guide on how to protect your self

Despite what some might think, choosing the right pieces for your motorcycle outfit is really important. What you wear does not only show your personality, but it also protects you from most of the dangers involved in riding a motorcycle. Let’s see together the gear that helps keeping riders safe. Helmet Unless you live in a country or a state in which...

Motorcycles in comic books

Motorcycles in comic books

From the 70’s on, a large number of creators yield to the desire of including motorcycles into their comic books and manga books. As a result, we now have a treasure filled with paper art fueled by violence, vengeance, speed, and passion. Let’s discover together the most famous per country.   United States of America Marvel and DC represent the very best of...

Triumph Motorcycle history

Triumph Motorcycle history

Triumph motorcycle history is fascinating: probably because is the story of one of the first motorcycle brands, or maybe because is the proof that with perseverance and courage everything can be achieved. Let’s learn more about this brand. The beginning Siegfried Bettmann  emigrated from Nuremberg, Germany to Coventry, England, in 1883. A year later, at the age of 20, Bettmann founded his own...

Ghost Rider: story and news

Ghost Rider: story and news

Interpreted by Nichola Cage in two movies and by Robbie Reyes in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Ghost Rider is one of the most fascinating characters of the whole Marvel Universe. Let’s discover together how this incredible character was created and evolved. The origins The first Ghost Rider was not from Marvel, it was created by magazine Enterprise. It debuted in 1943 as a...

Military Motorcycles

Military Motorcycles in World War One

Military motorcycles made their first appearance in an era in which everything motorized got militarized. First used by Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution, it was for the First World War that the military motorcycle made its real debut. Let’s discover together when they were first deployed and how countries decided to use them to their advantage. The beginning As previously mentioned,...

motorcycle trip

Motorcycle trip: 5 tips to enjoy your motorcycle in autumn

In autumn everything looks and feels better, even a motorcycle trip. Maybe is because the roads have amazing colors thanks to leaves getting those orange and red accents, maybe is because temperatures are so nice, or maybe both. Some of the best rides I had, I got to enjoy it in autumn. However, riding in autumn’s conditions can be challenging....

Motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet: history and evolution

The motorcycle helmet nowadays is the one accessory that us bikers cannot do without. Although it represents one of the most fundamental tools riders have in their arsenal, helmets have struggled quite a bit before establishing their importance in terms of safety. Let’s see how motorcycle safety has changed over the years. The first motorcycle helmet The first thing we need to make...

Best motorcycle models of 2022

Best motorcycle models of 2022: cruisers edition

The best motorcycle models of 2022 can be found in the cruisers compartment. Maybe we are a bit biased but, who cares? To be fair, cruiser motorcycles are simply perfect for any riding scenario: casual riding, commuting, road trips, you name it! A cruiser would be a great fit for every task you throw at it. The market is full...

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