Bobber motorcycle models: the best you can get in 2022

bobber motorcycle

Bobber motorcycle models: the best you can get in 2022

Lately fashion has been digging into the good ol’ days for inspiration. Motorcycle manufactures are doing pretty much the same and, given the rising popularity of custom, one-off bobber motorcycle models didn’t go unnoticed by the biggest motorcycle brands, prompting a growing number of major marques to put bobber bikes into production.

With more factory-produced options it is the perfect time to round up this hand-picked list of the best bobber motorcycles you can buy in 2022.

Characteristics of a Bobber motorcycle

The main concept was born right after WWII when soldiers impressed by the performances of European motorcycles started to do some good ‘ol “cuttin’ and bobbin’ “ in order to replicate the performances of those bikes. Bobbers take their name from that exact elaboration philosophy. The main traits are: both front and rear rubber have the same width and height, everything unnecessary is taken off (front fender included), chopped (or removed) rear fender, low seat (sometimes with springs) and large handle bars.

Most of today’s factory-produced bobbers are not that extreme. In fact, nowadays bobber motorcycle models rock chassis designed to mimic the lines of rigid-tailed framework, typically feature floating seats or tractor-style saddles pressed up against the rear fender with an upright or slightly leaned back riding position, and usually, a single-seat setup.

Modern bobber motorcycle models are incredibly minimal and tend to favor old school circular headlights, and shortened fenders. While the exhaust systems on custom bobbers tend to be extremely minimalistic, the exhaust setups on factory-produced bobber motorcycle models are long, low, and horizontally-mounted (company try their best to design good looking systems that also fit regulations). The vast majority of new bobber models are equipped with big-bore American-made V-Twin engines, though parallel-twins have also grown increasingly common in this segment.

Let’s check out our favorite models.


Let’s start with Indian Motorcycle take on bobber motorcycle models: the Scout Bobber Twenty. This model combines modern technology and mechanics with an old-school American appearance that includes wire-spoke wheels, a cross-covered split dual exhaust, mini-ape bars fitted with drop-down mirrors, bobbed fenders, and a single-passenger bobber-style seat. But this bobber is not only good looking, it is a bundle of state-of-the-art technological wizardry: the motorcycle is equipped with a six-speed transmission, a 100hp 69ci V-Twin, liquid cooling, electronic fuel injection, ABS, and a hidden USB charging port. None of that can be found on other competitors. Simply brilliant. Needless to say, this motorcycle is an awesome base for customizations.


Harley-Davidson take on the bobber motorcycle segment is so intense.  With bobbers possessing uniquely American roots, it couldn’t be any different. The Fat Bob is a modern production machine that clearly takes bobber style to a whole another level: it rocks a super chopped rear fender, a minimal front fender and huge tires. Some elements do not really follow the bobber motorcycle design handbook, however, they fit so well in the whole motorcycle design that it’s really hard to not give Harley-Davidson credit. We are talking about the passenger seat and the incredibly good-looking headlight. Everything topped by the angled exhaust: we got to admit that it was a smart move, they look great! Fat Bob’s beating heart is Harley’s Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine — the most potent powertrain option currently offered on a Softail. This model is simply perfect and is a stellar candidate for customization.


Basically, the perfect factory-produced bobber motorcycle. Triumph’s Bonneville Bobber absolutely represents this style. It is almost like in Triumph they made a check list of everything bobberish and started checking voices off it:  twin horizontal, slash-cut exhausts, wire-spoke wheels, an old school lighting array, and a single-passenger seat perched atop a one-piece metal subframe that floats above the rear fender. The frame was engineered to look like a rigid unit, with a triangular swing-arm that’s paired with a hidden mono-shock. It is absolutely brilliant! The only thing that is not in line with the old school bobber motorcycle archetype is the power unit. The Triumph bobber is equipped with a 1,200cc parallel-twin that puts down 77hp and 78ft-lbs of torque. Diversity is not a bad thing, at all! The two cylinders in line engine makes it unique compared to the masses.  Because of its immense success and popularity, there is now a wide range of upgrades and accessories for the Triumph Bobber, making it customizable to the owner taste.


We are entering the e-bikes realm with the all-new bobber-style RM1 from UK-based startup Maeving. Pushed by a powertrain that was developed through a joint effort between Maeving and Bosch, the RM1 has a top speed of 45mph and a removable battery pack — that can be charged via any outlet — providing a 40-mile range. Handmade in Coventry, the RM1 can also accommodate a second battery pack that doubles its range to 80 miles.


If you are not fond of e-vehicles, this bobber motorcycle model might change your mind! Designed by a team that on a daily bases produces components for Formula 1 race cars, the Veitis EV-Twin is another hand-made electric motorcycle coming straight out the UK.

Handcrafted from Reynolds high-tensile 631 tubing -like the swingarm – the frame of this bike is modeled after the one equipped on the original BSA Bantam. The engine produces 11kW that push the EV-Twing up to a top speed of 70mph. The battery grants a 100-mile range, and a sub-four-hour recharge time. The cool thing about this bike, beside the whole F1 vibe, is that the bobber motorcycle look is also achieved by the battery packs shaped like a V-Twin. A pretty cool idea, I must admit.

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