BMW R 18: Modern cruiser in traditional clothes

bmw r 18

BMW R 18: Modern cruiser in traditional clothes

This 2020 cruiser designed and produced by the famous German company  is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition to enter in a market ruled by huge brands like Harley Davidson, Indian, Moto Guzzi, Triumph and the Japanese Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. Let’s discover more about it together: will it have better luck than the R1200 C?

BMW R 18: German soul

BMW brand history and iconic characteristics are both elegantly manifested in both this cruiser deign and performances. Contained in a double loop steel tube frame, the 110.8kg boxer engine is the biggest engine ever made by BMW: 1802cc engine capable of 158nm of maximum torque aat 3000 rpm and 91hp at 4750 rpm. The most intriguing part of this motorcycle is its capacity to not show the high technology package that is hidden behind its classic design. Top speed, electronically limited, is 180 km/h.

R 18 minimal design is clearly inspired by great motorcycles of the past like the famous 1936 BMW R5: inspiration that can be clearly seen in the frame design, in the shape of the tank, in the cardan shaft, and in the iconic double stripes paint. R18 modern soul comes out when we dive deep into its technical solutions: a telescopic fork and the rear suspension perfectly show a combination of the two eras; safety is technologically assured by ABS, ASC and three riding modes ROCK, ROLL and RAIN. The flyline is elongated and low, a portion that on the First Edition has lettering, double stripe paint and chromed details.

Soon, this great bundle of design and technology could have a little sister equipped with the R NineT engine. At the moment, it seems to be just gossip, however, rumors haven’t been denied yet by BMW. The idea of having a smaller custom, almost identical to the R-18, at a more competitive price range is really intriguing.

Motorcycle leather bags for BMW: Which one to choose for R18?

On is possible to find six different bags for BMW R18. Bags that we have designed to be practical, versatile and easy to install thanks to the complete installation kit with which they come:

  • Berlin
  • Bremen
  • Dresden
  • Hamburg
  • Roll Dresden
  • Stuttgart

As all Ends Cuoio products, these bags are made using 4mm thick vegetable tanned leather. Their design perfectly follows and enhances the motorcycle fender lines; each and every bag back panel is composed of a leather lined iron structure that provides the right support even when the bag is fully loaded.

All bags can be installed only on one side or, depending on the loading capacity needs, on both sides of the motorcycle; plus, by selecting the detachable installation system is possible to place and remove each bag from the motorcycle in a simple gesture. Selecting a fixed installation system, the bags are secured to the motorcycle thanks to two bolts directly bolted to the fender. Available for either left or right side, these bags installation does not require any motorcycle modification.

Roll Dresden

Our Roll Dresden bag deserves a special mention because of it technical features and because of what it represents. Latins used the expression “nomen omen” to express the concept that the faith of everything is in the name; nothing more accurate to describe our Roll Desden: it is so Rock’ n Roll, a milled leather bag that can be “rolled” at different stages in order to have just about the right amount of loading capacity you need. A magnetic lock keeps it sealed.


This triumph of leather and design designed and created for BMW R-18 models exclusively, can be only installed on the left portion of the motorcycle swingarm. With Lubeck you will have a compact and functional bag that will allow you to every biker’s essentials: gloves, rain jacket and a small tool kit. All of it topped by the premium material and the craftsmanship that distinguishes all Ends Cuoio products.

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