New harley davidson models

New Harley Davidson models up until 2022

Motorcycle market is as competitive as the riders for which all kinds of models are produced for. Last week we talked about Indian® plans for 2020 so, I believe, that is now time for us to stick our nose into Harley Davidson® future plans.

Recently, business is not going accordingly to the Milwaukee based company plans. A rought patch that pushed Harley to develope an idea that should attract bikes from other motorcycle segments. A bold move that pushes the company out of its comfort zone while keeping Harley Davidson distintive power and freedom traits.

This is what “More Roads to Harley-Davidson“is all about: a lineup of brand new Harley-Davidson models is supposed to be released from now up until 2022. We are talking about new engine and frame philosophies, high performace brakes and suspensions, and -last but not least- new badass designs.

Today is not going to be about LiveWire (you will have to wait ’till next week for that) which, by the way, represents a huge leap into the future for the company. Today is going to be about the new Harley Davidson models for Maxi Enduro and Streetfighter segments.

harley davidson pan america
New Harley Davidson models: Pan America 1250

2020 is going to be Pan America 1250 year. The first Milwaukee based company Enduro Adventure Touring will be equipped with long travel suspensions, spoke wheels and enduro tyres. Harley is definitely aiming to compete with high-ends models like Ducati Multistrada, BMW R 1250 GS AdventureKawasaki Versys.

Pan America 1250 traits

harley davidson pan america

Thanks to the images shown during its presentation is possible to understand a couple of new revolutionary things for the company:

The engine is going to be a brand new DOHC liquid cooled 1.250 cm3 60° V-Twin, with a really compact gear box that made them save a lot of weight and chain final transmission.

Pan America is going to have a tubolar frame with a trellis back section. The swingarm is most likely to be in alluminum like the pillion pegs supports; everything topped with spoke rims and a Brembo brake system.

Here are BLOCKHEAD thoughts on Pan America 1250.


streetfighter harley davidson
New Harley Davidson models: Streetfighter 975

Streetfighter is set to storm into the streetfighter segment and give and har time to competitors like Ducati, Bmw, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki.
We do not have many info about this model yet, Harley Davidson just dropped a teaser and left us hanging. We will have to patiently wait until something more comes out. I have been waiting a model like this since they stopped producing Buell models.

The few things we know about the engine is that is going to be a liquid cooled 975cc V-Twin. The frame is likely to be tubolar equipped with an up side down front fork and a radial Brembo braking system. In tutto ciò la ciclistica sembra avere telaio in acciaio, mono ammortizzatore posteriore, cerchi da 17” e forcella a steli rovesciati. Infine i freni, sempre Brembo, con pinze radiali.

streetfighter harley davidson

custom harley davidson
New Harley Davidson models: Custom 1250

Custom 1250 is going to hit the road in 2021.
Its look makes me think about a Sportster on steroids: bold, muscolar and powerfull looking.
Out of the three models, this Custom 1250, is the only one in line with Harley tradition, this is probably why everytone is seeying a resemblance between it and the Sportster lineup. Since Sporster models are the only Harley Davidson untouched models yet, does it mean that this is going to be its heir?

From the pictures it seams like it is going to be equipped with an engine similar to the one Pan America has; a choice which will most likely allow Harley to respect European eco-regulations.

I am amazed about all models Harley is planning to release in the next couple of years. I fell very much attracted to the Custom 1250 but, as you know, I am a sucker for bobber looking bikes so…I am going to not so patiently wait for more news about this model.
What about you?

See ya on the road!

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