New Colleferro Shop Ends Cuoio

New Ends Cuoio Shop in Colleferro

Hello Riders, how is everyone doing?
I hope everything is well and that you are enjoying the riding season.
What about us? We are good! Nothing to complain.
Today we are going to show you how the new Ends Cuoio shop in Colleferro is coming.

A location change has been a necessity throughout 2018 and became a priority at the beginning of 2019. We needed a larger place in order to be able to handle the ever-growing amount of orders.

After being on the market for so long, I can state that we have finally become a leading company in the saddlebags market. We have improved our techniques, organised our activities and create new positions that allowed us to expand our family.

Anyway, here is a little peek of what is happening behind the curtains:

A couple of parts of the wall are painted and others will be covered in wood, some shelves are already up but, are we sure they are going to be definitive? You might wanna come visit us and see.

By the way, it is going to be located in Via Casilina km 51 snc, 00034 Colleferro RM.

If you ever manage to come near Rome we will be more than happy to share a cup of cofee!

Work in progress

Once the shop will be ultimated we will share pics and invite you over.

Any suggestions on how it should look?

See, I truly believe that suggestions coming from the people of know us best, and believe in us are the best ones. These suggestions are not cold ideas developed by someone who just wants to show off; are the heart-felted ideas that point you in the right direction and generate growth. Your support is always very much appreciated.

That being sai, we will let you know when this thing will be finished and, why not? We might come up with a virtual tour to show it to who cannot come in person. I believe it’s only fair to give everyone the chance to per part of it. Am i right?


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Ends Cuoio is working at full pace in respect of Italian regulations. Therefore, all orders and shipment will continue. For more info follow our social channels. #keepsafe