Motorcycles & Rock’n Roll: the neverending motorcycle & music association

Through the years motorcycles world has created tight connections with music and its protagonists. Music has always been right there in our back seat during our most beautiful and adventurous road trips, tracks and performers that – after a trip – become our favourite because of the memories tight to them. 

Obviously every biker has its own taste: even though rock and roll leads the way, some bikers might particularly like blues, others are more inclined to country and, since the motorcycle world is not musically racist,there’s plenty of bikers who enjoy pop, rap etc.  

It is not to exclude the possibility to find a mix of all these genres in a biker’s playlist. At the end of the day, as in all aspects of our lives, labels do not matter at all. What matters is what a track does to our minds: the capacity to bring back feelings and memories of trips and roads we are emotionally attached to. 

That being said, there are a couple of songs that can be considered common heritage in the bikers community: Born to be wild that beside being an evergreen is also part of Easy Rider OST; Wanted Dead of Alive by Bon Jovi it’s a classic that always makes everyone happy; the romantic Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyard Skynyard and, for who likes stronger sound Fuel by Metallica and Thunderstruck by Ac/Dc.

Rammstein and Black Sabbath are also tightened to a lot of bikers’ memories.

Music, on the other side, finds its inspiration in the motorcycle world. It can easily be stated that the bond between the two is deeper than we all might think: a lot of performers are also bikers, that’s why there’s plenty of motorcycle inclined lyrics and tunes. Not to mention scenographic motorcycle entrances on stage.

Elvis Presley, for example, was a biker and had tons of motorcycles; Ozzy Osbourne is a huge chopper enthusiast, and Keith Richards – Rolling Stones lead Guitarist –  is a collector.


Motorcycles represent a strong passion also for female singers: Tina Turner used an Harley Davidson Electra Glide in her What You Get Is What You See and Whitney Huston used a Sportster in her I’m Your Baby Tonight video.

Let’s a talk a bit about brands too: we not only see Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles, is easy to also see Japanese brands like Suzuki in Puff Daddy I’ll Be Missing You video in which he rides on a GSX-R1100, and Honda in Kanye West Bound 2 video in which he rides a CRF 250X

It does not matter the genre or motorcycle brand, the tie between bikers and music will always be strong.

Because trends might die but passions last forever.

Credit photo cover: Pinterest

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