Little boogie pattina lunga

Little Boogie Saddlebag

Large leather saddlebag for Harley-Davidson® Sportster® models, it is ideal for long journeys and for those who need good loading capacity.

Little Boogie Saddlebag unique traits:


A stainless steel detachable system composed of two brackets, two bushings and a lock, allows to easily install and uninstall Little Boogie. This detachable system not only makes our saddlebags versatile and easy to use but is also made in Italy with materials that can withstand any weather condition.

Quick Buckles

Can be added to all our saddlebags (already included in all Rapid bags). It is a stainless steel spring loaded system that makes opening and closing the saddlebag really fast.


Little Boogie back panel is made of an iron structure shaped with a cut-out, specifically designed for Sportster® models, that allows our rapid saddlebags to lay at 3cm from the fender and the regular saddlebags to lay at only 1cm from the fender.
This leather covered iron structure also provides an higher resistance and so guarantees a proper support even when the saddlebag is fully loaded.


All our saddlebags are made using the best Tuscan 4mm thick bull leather.
“Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, matures, changes color under the sun; it reveals the signs of time and makes them the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.” Biker world is not only made of customizations but also of life memories that will always be part of us. Therefore, we chose a kind of Italian leather able to transmit biker world heritage and philosophy.


Polyester yarns of different colors made of the best materials produced according to EN ISO 9001 certified quality criteria. Polyester yarns have high mechanic qualities: high resistance to traction, high resistance to abrasion, high knot resistance, and low liquid absorption. The best choice for a products that is meant to ride for miles also under adverse weather conditions.

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