how to take care of leather saddlebags

How to take care of leather saddlebags

Motorcycle lathers can really take a beating. Let’s face it, even the most pampered motorcycle can fall victim to wind, weather, and road conditions. Therefore proper leather care is not only important, it’s vital to your bike leather survival. So, how do we take care of leather saddlebags? Leather cleaning, conditioning and protection is part of our motorcycle detailing.

How to take care of leather saddlebags: cleaning

pulizia borsa
First things first: get a bucket and get a soft cloth. Fill the bucket with warm water (caution: water does not need to be hot. Hot water will harm you and ruin your bag) and use the soft cloth to wipe all dirt off your saddlebag. Please remember to not apply too much friction on the leather surface, if some dirt spots are harder to clean just wipe on them a couple of times, do not attempt to remove them with friction. Once your bag is all clean, let it dry for a couple of hours. Please remember that sun drying and blow drying can damage your leather saddlebag.

How to take care of a leather saddlebag: Conditioning

Now that your saddlebag is all clean and dry is time to condition it. We use our leather care products but any other vegetable tanned leather care product will work just fine.
Most kit on the market will have a soft sponge that will allow you to spread the product all over your bag; if not, look for the softest sponge possible. Vegetable tanned leather can be easily damaged, therefore you will need to use gentle pressure while spreading the conditioner all over your bag. Product quantity is also very important, do not overkill: drop the product on the sponge, then apply it on the bag. Once the conditioning is over, let the bag dry for a couple of hours. Again, sun drying and blow drying must be avoided.

How to take care of a leather saddlebag: Patina removal

rimozione patina
Your saddlebag is now alive again. It has a nice color to it and it looks brand new. Sometimes leather products can produce a patina which needs to be removed.
Nothing to worry about, it is a rather simple task: get a dry soft cloth and gently pass it all over your bag.
The job is done. Your saddlebag is now ready to be re-installed on your motorcycle.

Taking care of leather saddlebags is not that difficult. We recommend to repeat this process every 6 months, however, it is important to do so after every long run under heavy rain.

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