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Indian Scout Bobber saddlebags. Which one to choose?

Indian Scout Bobber is a fascinating motorcycle. Chances are that, beside its technology, its look is the main reason why you have it in your garage.

At the beginning of the year we talked about Indian Scout Bobber best must have accessories but, at the time, we did not focus much attention on saddlebags.

It is now time to dig into the choice of saddlebags available for this motorcycle.


Compact or Large saddlebags?

First things first: understanding what capacity fits our needs. A compact bag surely is the best option for urban rides and small rides. When it come to raod trips, even small ones, things change: it’s large bags territory.

A good compromise is represented by those bags which are in between categories. Bags that, if used in sets, have all the traits of a single large bag with a look more similar to the smooth compact ones.


borsa in cuoio da forcellone per indian scout paco ends outlet

Paco is something every modern urban adventurer desires: a robust and timeless bag capable of storing everything a 2020 biker needs. Learn

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Mototrcycle leather saddlebag for Indian Scout Tomahawk DT dx Ends Cuoio

Pure personality. Tomahawk has nothing more than everything you need. Designed for Scout® Bobber models, this bag is the perfect companion for riders who enjoy daily rides.

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Cherokee hammered leather saddlebag for Indian Bobber Ends Cuoio

Cherokee is an evergreen that carries the heritage of the good old days, when rock revolution and motorcycle culture laid down the path we are riding on today

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Cheyenne martellata borsa in cuoio per moto Scout Bobber Ends

All Ends Cuoio experience concentrated in a functional and versatile bag.
Ideal for either roadtrips or daily rides, Cheyenne is the ultimate leather bag for all Indian® Scout® Bobber models.

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Your needs come first

All of us, with time and experience, realize the real perks of having a saddlebag in which placing all our belongings. To decide which category would best fit our needs requires some hours of reflection. Rememnber that eyes need to be pleased too, therefore is really important to get something that enhances your motorcycle design.

See you on the road.

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