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Indian® Scout Bobber® Review

Is the new Indian® Scout Bobber® a way tried by Indian® to strike into youngsters hearts? Maybe, but the new Scout Bobber® isn’t just a quick fender chop, there’s a ton more to this new Scout® than meets the eye. Read our Indian® Scout Bobber® Review.

Indian® Scout Bobber®: perfection is in the details


This Scout® bad ass bobber look comes from a combination of new components that makes a huge difference. A brand new blacked out nacelle cleans up the headlight area is combined with new tracker bars that lean you forward by about four inches for a more aggressive posture. Icing on the cake? Bar-end mirrors!

Both fenders are obviously cut down with the rear one perfectly matching a seat that is now two-tone and has thicker padding over the standard Scout’s.


Beside the smaller and blacked out engine covers, and a black exhaust with new vented shields, the liquid-cooled V-twin is the same 1,133cc engine from the regular Scout rated at a claimed 100 horsepower and 72 lb.-ft. of torque.


Indian® recognized the limits of the original Scout® butter-soft suspensions and swapped them with cartridge-type fork internals and rear shocks with stiffer progressively wound springs. Modifications that allow Scout Bobber to offer a firmer ride and a more planted feel when cornering.

When I first saw this Indian® Scout Bobber® I could not believe my eyes. As a bobber enthusiast I saw a motorcycle that could either look good left how it is, or be a good starting point for an outstanding project.

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