indian scout First mods

Indian Scout Bobber mods

Whenever I get a new bike, I’m eager to start adding my own little touches and customizations to it. Everyone likes to make his bike unique, right? After spending a little saddle time with the Indian Scout Bobber, I put together a list of a few things that I have done and things I would like to get soon. Here are our six Indian Scout Bobber mods!

vance hines

6 stunning Indian Scout Bobber mods

1. Pipes

Indian Scout Bobber stock pipes aren’t really that great, I love the sound of loud pipes. The engine is strong and has great pull, but when I crack that throttle, I want it to stir something up in me, and the note from Vance and Hines Twin Slash can really do that, as well as add some power by helping the Scout® breathe a little more freely.

Vance & Hines

filter as one of the Indian Scout Bobber mods

2. Air Filter

Those new Vance&Hines pipes certainly work better with an air filter that guarantees better performances than the original one. I decided to go with a K&N filter.
This filter is designed to increase horsepower and torque. Huge selling point? It is washable and reusable. Also, K&N has a kit that allows you to do it on your own.

K&N Filter

power vision cx

3. Power Vision CX

This is it! This little thing here, coupled with pipes and high-performance air filter, is going to drastically transform your Scout Bobber. Thanks to the latest tuning technology, this bad boy allows you to:

Tune your fueling for better horsepower and torque
Optimize spark timing for 91-93 octane fuel
Raise Rev limit
Raise speed limit
Eliminate or reduce torque limiting functions
Revise ride-by-wire throttle profiles>/em>

It is definitely a must have for everyone who is into performance or anyone who wants to add a lil’ kick to his Indian Scout Bobber.

Power Vision

Enough with power, let’s move into other kinds of pleasure!


4. Foot Pegs

One of the best parts of going for a good cruise is being able to bring a passenger out with you. While I can appreciate the solo style of the Scout Bobber, I also want to be able to take my lady out to dinner or for a nice roll through the hills, and that takes these passenger pegs and a pillion seat.

Foot Pegs

sella passeggero

5. Pillion Seat

Like we mentioned up above, having the option of bringing a passenger along with you is huge. Moreover, you can take the passenger seat right off afterwards and get back to that lean, mean style of the stock Bobber. This seat isn’t cheap but matches the nice two-tone leather of the solo seat and works well with the Scout’s lines.

Passanger Seat


6. Saddlebags

Backpacks are all well and good but, when it comes to long daily rides and trips it can get a bit of a pain. Plus, saddlebags can add to the already great look of Indian® Scout Bobber®. While for long rides and road trips a spacious Cheyenne would be a great solution, for short Tomahawk slick look will make your Bobber stand out! Cool thing? Hence you can get a pair of Tomahawk, when you need more room, remove the left Tomahawk and install a Cheyenne. How convenient is that?

Discover one of our favourite Indian Scout Bobber mods: Cheyenne!

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