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How to take care of your motorcycle during lockdown

We all are in lockdown, I know, this means that we are temporarily banned from going out and about with our beloved motorcycles. No hurban rides -unless you are able to prove you use your bike to go grocery shopping- no countryside ride and definitely no road trips. I am sure we all miss the sound of our exhausts, the sense of freedom and the wind caressing our happy faces.

That being said, we cannot let this virus have the best of us. Therefore, now that we are stuck at home, we can get advantage of the situation and do something to be ready when the lockdown will be over. 

This is the right moment to make some projects, program a couple of trips and , obviously, take care of our motorcycle. We want her in the right shape for when this thing is over.

Maintenance is a concept that includes a huge amount of tasks, lets get more specific to what everyone can accomplish.

For sure we can all accomplish the next task with no professional help:

  • Battery check
  • Fluids level check
  • Bolts torque check
  • Tyres check
  • Breaks check
  • Bike wash

Before we start we need to make sure we have everything we need to accomplish our tasks.

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For all our checks we will need tools like a battery charge tester, a dynamometric key, your motorcycle service manual, and sockets and torx.
For our cleaning process all we will need is a bucket, motorcycle shampoo, a sponge and a pair of gloves.. 

All operations will be performed with the engine off.

Battery check up, it is the first thing to do now that the motorcycle cannot regularly run as it is supposed to. A battery charge tester is the best tool to use. If the battery level is low, charge it with a battery charger. 

Next thing to do is to check the fluids level. Check your engine oil level and, if you have a liquid cooled motorcycle, check the cooling system level as well. If the levels do not match the ones reported on your manual, fill them up.

This lockdown gives us the chance to accomplish a task we do not often tackle: check our motorcycle bolts torque. Using a dynamometric key, our hex and torx keys, and the service manual, check if the values are right. If not, tight ‘em correctly. 

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Time to check our braking system. It is really important to check the oil levels, if the tubes are in good shape and if the pads are not at the end of their life. 

Moving along to the Tyres. The recommended thing to do is to check them every 15 days: once we make sure that they are not at the end of their life, all we need to do is to check pressure and overall condition.

 It washing time! If you have an aftermarket filter, use its protective sleeve, if you own the stock one, forget about it and proceed. 

It’s  best to start cleaning the dirtiest parts like rims, calipers and the fork with a degreaser (pro tip: olive oil is good to remove tar stains). Then soap it up with motorcycle shampoo and rinse well paying really good attention to all chromed parts.

Last but not least, dry it off with two cloths: one for the tank and fender, the other for all chromed parts. 

Turn the bike on to…well, to hear her sound a bit! 

Credit cover: Harley Davidson

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