How to create a handcrafted leather saddlebag

The creation of a handcrafted leather saddlebag requires a meticulous crafting process in which attention to details is mandatory.

This article is meant to show how, here at Ends Cuoio, leather is perceived and how is meticulously molded into objects of desirable and charming quality.


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Choosing the right kind of leather is the most important step in a saddlebag production process.
Premium quality leather makes a huge difference in terms of durability, maintenance and overall product quality.
In order to provide the finest product possible, for our leather goods, we only use vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries.

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Metal parts

Metal parts play a key role in the outcome of a product that is supposed to be exposed to climate for a considerable amount of miles. Therefore, all exposed metal parts are made of nickel plated brass; a material that, thanks to its strenght and immunity to corrosion, is perfect for automotive applications.

Anatomy of a saddlebag

A leather saddlebag is a perfect union of parts that, accurately assembled, become the perfect companion for our motorcycle adventures.

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Inside Ends Cuoio laboratory the anatomy of a bag is divided in 4 macro-areas: back panel, band, flap and front
Every part is meticolously outlined, following the silhouttes designed in our centro stile, on the leather sheet before the cut.


Once all parts are cut and ready, is possible to start the production process.

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The front gets punctured to create the buckles anchoring points, while two small tabs get sewed to the band. Small tabs that have an important role: keep fluids outside the bag while riding.
Once these steps are completed, both areas get assembled together to create the “stem“.

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The flap gets punctured to create the buckles anchoring points too.

We are now getting into the process in which is possible to see the attenction to details required to create products capable to retain their shape in time.
A leather strip, is added to the flap border thanks to a meticulous practice: the border gets scraped with sand paper in order to provide a gripping surface for the water-based glue (environment first) that is going to keep the strip in place while sewing..
This element not only has an important role, but also has turned into a distictive sign of Ends Cuoio style.

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The back panel is another Ends Cuoio distictive and functional element in Ends Cuoio leather saddlebags: in large models is specifically molded depending on the motorcycle model for which it was designed; in compact models has inserts that serve as reinforcement.
Our back panels are designed to provide the perfect support even when the bag is fully loaded.

Now that all areas are ready, the bag gets sewed together and detailed.

Leather passion

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Our centro stile flair perfectly matches the care and dedication that our personnel employ in handcutting leather with maximum precision. It is important to remember that alla tasks described are made by hand. So every action explained in the article is carried out by specialized artisans who, focused on their specific tasks, double check the overall quality of all leather parts and production step.

Our job represents what’s more fascinating and stimulating in the world. Here at Ends Cuoio we do not work leather. We live its essence, creating products capable of carring the bikers world heritage.

Quality Rides with You

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