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How to create a Handcrafted leather saddlebag

A handcrafted leather saddlebag, as all leather goods, requires a meticulous crafting process in which attention to details is mandatory.
A raw material like genuine vegetable tanned leather is defined by a beauty that needs to be molded step by step during every production phase.
This article is meant to show how, here at Ends Cuoio, leather is perceived and how is meticulously molded into objects of desirable and charming quality.

Choosing the right leather

Picking the right kind of leather is the most important step in the production of saddlebags for our beloved motorcycles. Last thing we want is for them to go around with poor leather gadgets. Motorcycles have dignity, let’s just not joke about it.
Choosing the right kind of leather makes a huge difference in durability, maintenance and overall product quality.
In order to provide the finest product possible, here at Ends Cuoio, we only use vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries.

Right materials, good handcrafted saddlebag

How to create a  good handcrafted leather saddlebag? When producing leather saddlebags, choosing the right raw materials has a great importance.
Seams are made of polyester yarns produced according to EN ISO 9001 certified quality criteria. This kind of yarns have great mechanic qualities: high resistance to traction, high resistance to abrasion, high knot resistance, and low liquid absorption. The best choice for a product that is meant to ride for miles under the sun and under adverse weather conditions too.
All metal parts are made of chromed brass and stainless steel (quick buckles), material that are well known for durability and rust

A saddlebag anatomy

Let’s dive into the funniest part: practice.
Hand-crafted leather saddlebags are composed by 4 parts: a Back panel, a Flap, a Band and a Front portion

Fiore is leather most valuable part. Is very important to choose the best leather sheet area to cut depending on the final product shape and size.

The front portion and the band are assembled together, while the flap gets pierced in the right places to allow the final result to look great, after all the flap is a saddlebag most prestigious part.
Prestige is essential and some elements not only add to the look but also have a very important purpose: matter of fact, the flap border provides that extra strength that allows our bags to keep their original shape over time.
This very important element is added thanks to a meticulous practice: the border of the flap gets scraped with sand paper in order to provide a gripping surface for the water-based glue (environment first) that is going to keep the border in place while sewing.


Once decided the shape and the size of a saddlebag, it is necessary to bend the band accordingly to de desired model.
Now that all components are ready is possible to assemble the saddlebag: the back panel and the flap get sewed together with the front portion and the band.

cucitura borsa ends cuoio

Attention to details is the key, so all parts get sand papered in order to have smooth borders. Now the bag can be garnished with leather straps, buckles and accessories chosen by customers.
Finally, the bag gets waxed to have that satisfying feel that only handcrafted good can rock.

In conclusion

fustellatura borsa ends cuoio

The artisan in charge of selecting and cutting leather sheets uses card board models designed by an Ends Cuoio designer, this practice guarantees a very precise hand cut. It is very important to remember that all described processes are all hand made.
Behind each and every production process there is a high skilled artisan that through passion and hard work turn Ends Cuoio products into art works.
We do not work leather; we live its essence! Ends Cuoio products carry a heritage of love and passion for the motorcycle world that is shared with all bikers who choose our brand.

Quality rides with you.

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