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Hard Bags VS Leather Bags: Which One Is The Best For You?

Harley-Davidson® production line every year places on the market as much hard bags equipped touring models, as Dyna®, Sportster® and Softail® which come out the factory with no saddlebags.

Due to a dynamic market and bikers taste, a wide choice of hard and leather saddlebags is available for all Harley-Davidson®. Let’s explore both type of bags features.


Are usually made in metal, plastic, fiber or resin which are the main reason – shape aside – for their anonymous look and lower price.

picture of a hard bag on a bike

Hard saddlebags are usually waterproof, the lid and the bag are coupled with a gasket that prevents water from getting inside. Equipped with quick clasps and locking systems, hard bags can sometimes be more aerodynamic than leather ones, but most of the times their design is not very attractive… they kind of resemble safe boxes!

Picture of F Street with hard bags


Are usually made in vegetable or chrome tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a process which not only is environmentally friendly but also produces the best variety of leather.

Graphic of vegetable tanned leather vs chrome tanned leather

The best leather saddlebags are handcrafted and therefore can be personalized reflecting the owner personality and philosophy.
Thanks to pioneer brands, leather saddlebags have now closed the gap in terms of practicality; we have leather saddlebags that are easy to install thanks to quick release, quick buckles and locks. Usually leather bags are less aerodynamic than the hard ones, but some brands sell bags with a back panel specifically shaped to perfectly match a motorcycle silhouette, a detail that drastically reduces the distance between the fender and the saddlebag itself.

picture of a leather bag from Ends Cuoio

All traits listed herein above highlight all the differences between two variants of bikers most used accessory.
While hard saddlebags apparently are cost effective, every biker deserves to have a saddlebag that represent his nature.

picture of a woman at the Ends Cuoio shop with leather bags

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