Ends Cuoio online, a leather artisans digital history

“You can have the best product in the world or be the most innovative company on the market but, if you are unknown, nobody will never look for your products. Not appearing means not existing.

This sentence is somewhat redundant in the online and digital world.
We are artisans who handcraft leather saddlebags for the custom motorcycle universe. However, we are pretty comfortable on the web too.
Digital tools became more and more important to the point that, today, we cannot do without.

The web and its importance

Naturally we love to work leather to turn our ideas into something tangible. Mater of fact, the art of adapting to every kind of manual job is in the artisan nature. A sort of innate gift.

Times have changed. Today reality knocks at our doors with a smartphone playing digital music through wireless plugs while twitting “WAKE UP PEOPLE”.

The message is clear:
Everyone is in a hurry, you better start running too!

More communication

It is full of communication manuals explaining how to create a content and what color to choose. Manuals are useful but real life is something differente: you need to transmit emotions and your company philosophy needs to come out every time you write something online.

The web gave us a huge opportunity to take a long but rewarding road.

Ends Cuoio online, the first web approach

Adopting an effective communication strategy is as important as providing high quality products. Social media -Facebook on top of everything- play a huge role when it comes to let the masses know about your philosophy.
Ends Cuoio philosophy “travels” on all social media channels plus ebay, web site and newsletter.

Ends Cuoio vende su eBay
Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

We have too be very thankful to eBay. This sales channel gave us the opportunity to be internationally known when we started selling online.
Creating an eBay shop, we had a huge boost in our online sales especially abroad.

Our eBay: http://www.ebaystores.it/ends-cuoio-italy

Countries we sell on:

  • U.S.A.
  • Australia
  • Sud America
  • Nord Europa
  • Sud Africa

U.S.A. is were the vast majority of our orders come from. Day by day our brand international fame grew at the point of becoming the best choice for Harley Davidson and Indian owners. Today, our e-commerce platform is pushing us toward a new and faster way of making business online.

Do not be afraid is quality has a cost

When it came to set up our eBay shop we only were afraid of one thing: our products were pricier that competitors. Quality, of course, has a cost but, when a client cannot have a direct contact with the product, is hard for him to tell if it is worth the price. We have to give credit to our American clients who, trusting our product descriptions and photos, gave us a chance to grow.

To learn more about our production process click on this link: Borse in cuoio artigianali – Processo e Lavorazione

The right price

christian dubovan unsplash
Photo by Christian Dubovan on Unsplash  

Independently from the price of a product, it is importa to hope and trust the product will do good in the market. Artisans usually trust the customers ability to recognise and choose quality products. Setting the right price for a product made for a determinate market requires an analysis of all potential buyers. Today is rather easy to get the tools required to do so; it is even possible to purchase information about certain markets in order to have a more solid starting point.

YouTube and the importance of using the right images

Ends Cuoio found its place on Youtube as well.
On july the 5th 2014, we opened Ends Cuoio Youtube Official Channel and started to upload installation guides of our products on the motorcycle for which they are designed for. In about 3 years our videos have collected over 200.000 visualizations, which means that hundreds of thousands people from all over the world learned about our products thanks to our channel.

The vast majority of our clients install our product alone. So, the only way we have to be with them during this ritual is through our installation video.

Social Network

On september the 19th 2014 we opened our facebook page and today we count over 23000 followers. The post and ads we publish of facebook, and on Instagram, are making a huge difference in our company visibility how our products are perceived by customers and social media users. Targeting and promoting our posts, a lot of bikers got to know our brand philosophy and products.

Today we publish a post per day and the one that work get boosted and targeted to a certain determined audience. Targeting is very important: social media are full of people, but not all of users are bikers. Furthermore, not all bikers are Harley Davidson or Indian users.

Precisely targeting our ads we managed to obtain outstanding results in terms of visibility and, therefore, in terms of sails.

Ends Cuoio online: web site and SEO investment

Lately we have intensified the work on our web site.
Our e-commerce is expanding and has a filter that helps customers satisfying their necessities.
It is in line with our philosophy but it needs optimization.

SEO guide lines are fundamental for all modern company to succeed. Nowadays is important to have the best position on search engines in order to beat the competition.

Thank to all raiders and readers who got interested in our history. It has been a real pleasure to share it with you all.

Quality Rides With You



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