Custom mortbikes: the best of 2019 for Ends Cuoio

It’s that time of the year again, sun is starting to shine bright and is possible to spot a couple of bikes on the road again. This means that is time for us, as we did last year,  to put down a list of the custom motorbikes we like the most in 2019.

Custom Motorbikes: Harley-Davidson®

Harley-Davidson® Battle of the Kings is an event that every year amazes me for quality and creativity! Competitors from all over the world battled each other to be world custom king. Here are a couple of models that really amazed me:

– Slim Bobber (Harley-Davidson Zürich)

You know me, I am a sucker for Bobbers. This one simply is my dream bike. A brand new Softail Slim, with all the tech and pros the new models have, rocking an old school design. Let’s face it, this probably is one of the best design I have ever seen. Well done Harley-Davidson Zürich

de CH Slim Bobber CDBCC overlay

-Slim Jim (Harley-Davidson Düsseldorf)

Harley-Davidson Düsseldorf Team at its third participation came up with this masterpiece. This Slim, which carries a lot of dark custom essence, is simply stunning. Big spoke rims, ape hangers and a custom paint by Kruse Design, make this really stand out in the custom motorbikes scene!

de DE Harley Davidson Düsseldorf DCC overlay

– Space Age

Another fantastic custom created by the guys at Harley Davidson Bologna. This year is the 50th anniversary of the 1st Lunar Landing so, the boys at H-D Bologna, decide to turn an Heritage 114 into a two wheeled tribute to the three astronauts who accomplished this “giant leap for mankind”. New rims, carter covers and tank cap, perfectly bind with all the custom made parts.

it IT SPACE AGE DFAE overlay

Custom Motorbikes: Indian®

This year Indian® contest did not really get my attention. However, it is plenty of Indian® base custom project that blew my mind. Here are a couple of the most noteworthy:

-KrazyHorse Street Hoolingan

This is simply one of the best Indian® customizations I’ve ever seen! Krazy Horse took an Indian® Scout®, which is kind of bulky, and turned it into this sleak little beast. Better suspensions and performance parts get along well with the stripped down look of this bike. What makes this project even cooler is that the kit is purchasable by everyone. Finally, I must say! Well done Krazy Horse!

Krazy Horse Scout

-Dirt Flirt

Seems like this year I have some sort of addition to Indian® sport customs! It probably is due to the fact that customizers have done an amazing job! It looks like they, somehow entered inside my mind, then finally decided to come out with something that carries in its DNA Indian® heritage: flat track racing!
As a result of all that -alleged- mind reading here is Dirt Flirt! Get an FTR750, place a scout 1200 engine under it, and here you have it. A sexy Indian® custom I wish i could ride…

Indian Motorcycle Scout FTR flat track custom motorcycle pipeburn

Did you like our favourite custom motorbikes for 2019? Which one is the best for you? Leave a comment to let us know.


Picture copy-rights reserved: Harley-Davidson®, Piperburn and MCN.

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