Biker Quiz

What kind of biker are you? Challenge yourself with this test and discover what kind of biker you are.

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  • From 0 to 5 right answers (Sunday rider)

Don’t worry, you are the kind of biker that likes to take it easy and who love to go out on sunday rides. I was like that at first, then i started purchasing all sorts of Ends Cuoio accessories.

Had to start going on daily rides to justify the out of control shopping done.

  • From 5 to 8 right answers (Semi- professional rider)

You are the kind of biker that goes on rides just for the sake of it: to enjoy life and discover new places. You are on the right path, “well done young padawan”. 

  • from 9 to 10 right answers (You are a pro)

Well done, mate! I have nothing to tell you. Proud of you

Thank you for participating to this test, you have earned a 10% discount, use it well!

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