All new EC+ belts: everyone’s right fit

Thought for bikers but wearable by everyone who loves to wear premium accessories: Ends Cuoio craftsmen designed and created a new line of EC+ branded leather belts following the style of the best saddlebags on the market…Ours.

EC+ comes from the necessity of experimenting new horizons in terms of style and leather applications; leather is ductile and resistant, simple but at the same time versatile and fascinating. We loved the idea of giving our creativity more space to design a line of accessories that would meet our regular customers taste and, at the same time, attract those who love exclusive pieces.

Loved by all sexes, leather belts seemed the very best starting point: at a first glance a belt can communicate your personality and your style.

So, taking great inspiration from Ends Cuoio most loved bestsellers, our Centro Stile designed Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas and all other EC+ belts.

What makes them really special?

Entirely handmade using 4mm thick vegetable tanned bull leather, EC+ belts also feature solid brass buckles that guarantee durability. Personalization has always been a key word for us, therefore, we have designed our belts to be completely personalized too: the buckle can be swapped with one of your choice at any time. 

We talked about style, personality and personalization for a reason: EC+ belts can really meet everyone’s taste. New York has an essential design with contrasting sewing that can easily match our black saddlebags;

Handcrafted premium quality leather belt New York leather belt EC

Two Tone is a bold belt that clearly gets its look from our two tone bags; then there is Texas, that is bound to become our most loved belt thanks to its interweaved design.


We almost forgot to mention Ostrich, which features an elegant print.


In conclusion, EC+ belts are meant for who, biker or not, wants to stand out wearing premium quality and high end design accessories.

Be unique, while riding your motorcycle and in your everyday life.

Quality Rides With You

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