Best Motorcycles 2018 for Ends Cuoio

Summer is here and it is time to make the point on the best customizations on the brands we work on: Harley Davidson® Indian® and Triumph®.
Here are Ends Cuoio top 9.

9 best motorcycles we want to ride in 2018


Harley-Davidson® Battle of the Kings is an event that every year amazes us for quality and creativity! Competitors from all over the world battled each other to be world custom king. Here are the 3 models we loved the most:

-Liquid Gold (Middle East – North Africa)

Designed by World Custom Champion, Omar Al Tamimi, realized by Master Technicians Brandon Thomas and Kannan Veeran, ‘Liquid Gold’ is a mix of an ageless stripped back look and a new age style. The gold leaf finish of the tank and fenders is accentuated by hand painted volcanic red pinstripes, other elements such as the levers, handle bar, hubs, spokes, exhaust and engine components are 24k gold plated. According to Sean Linton, Team Leader, one of the teams favourite aspects of the design has been ‘cleaning’ the area below the fuel tank and rear shock to achieve the best cut back look possible.

picture of HARLEY-DAVIDSON®LIQUID GOLD best motorbike 2018

-Freedom Machine (Norway)

This Sportster 1200 Custom® has been revolutionized in order to make it a nice old school Bobber. Customizer cut the fender and replaced the tank with a 48® one. The seat, exhausts and handlebars have been replaced too.

picture of HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Freedom Machine best motorbike 2018

-Alley Rat (UK)

Another fantastic custom created by the guys at Syc Kustom, customization department of Sycamore Harley-Davidson®. Short fender, low seat, 2 in 1 exhausts and meticulous care of all details give this Sportster® a perfect rat bike look.

full picture HARLEY-DAVIDSON® Alley Rat (UK) best motorbike 2018


This year an international Scout® contest for dealers took place for the first time. Important event for Indian®, with the occasion, demonstrates its growth worldwide and the desire to get involved in the customizations world. We have chosen the 3 custom that we liked the most:


This is clearly a tribute to the legendary Scout® who competed on board tracks. The white tires mounted on 26-inch wheels give a vintage look to this historic model. The 2 in 1 tubular exhaust and the saddle with wooden inserts recall the look of the models that raced the circuits between 1920 and 1927. This custom, not only allows us to relive memorable events, it also is a clear invitation to get passionate about an iconic brand history.

picture of front Indian® boardtracker best motorbike 2018

-Fast Track

We are standing in front of a model that is simply incredible. Adjustable suspension, tempered glass number-plate, 1600 lumens LED lights and Jeep Willys tires… Icing on the cake: the airbrush made by California-color by Erik Salin

picture of Indian® fast track best motorbike 2018


Another customization with a strong historical soul. The goal seems to be to use all that is good in the new models with a pinch of a bygone era style. The target is certainly an audience able to appreciate all new Indian® models without detaching from the first Indian® Scout® spirit.

picture of Indian® fusion best motorbike 2018


With Triumph® we decided to take a different path, we moved from Factory organized contest and jumped right into the vast world of projects created by individuals and customizers from all over the world.
These are the projects that we liked the most:

-Cafe racer

This project base is a 2002 Bonneville®. Aluminum Tank and seat cover were made entirely by hand. Exhaust pipes were made by the owner who, after cutting V shapes off other exhausts, has given shape to two real works of art. Front mud guard and carburetors in-takes are not different; this cafe racer is the essence of Triumph® custom world, the reason that pushed us to change course for the selection of the best three bikes of 2018 for this brand.

picture of custom Triumph® CAFE RACER best motorbike 2018

-Dark Thruxton

A 2017 Triumph® Thruxton® was used as a base by Louis Sosa to make this fantastic cafe racer. Among the many changes, here is what stand out the most: conical exhausts, the 180 rear rim, structural modification to the tubulars of the rear frame, the rear shock absorbers and the removal of the air box. The powder black finish represents the last touch in making this cafe racer even more bad ass.

picture of Triumph® DARK THRUXTON best motorbike 2018

-Triumph® Fighter

The base for this project is a 2003 carburetor 865cc T100®. The slenderness of the rear immediately jumps to the eyes, there is no trace of a rear fender and a pair of led arrows are combined with a seat that was specifically made for this project. All frame modifications, such as the saddle base, and painting were hand made by Jody Millhouse in his custom shop Thornton Hundred Motorcycles.

Triumph® FIGHTER best motorbike 2018

Did you like our favourite custom motorcycles for 2018? What is the best for you? Leave a comment to let us know.


Picture copy-rights reserved: Harley-Davidson®, Indian® and Bonnefication.

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