We love Black Friday: learn about Ends Cuoio Offer

black friday ends cuoio roll bags

We love Black Friday: learn about Ends Cuoio Offer

The be first is really important: a biker knows it well! For this reason, we decided to anticipate Black Friday a bit and give you a 10% discount on all our products (using code BLACKENDS) and to surprise you with our Roll bags: 10% + 10% on all of them (price already discounted, no need to use any coupon code).

Why to choose Ends Cuoio bags: Italian vegetable tanned leather

Ends Cuoio bags, the result of an elaborate artisanal production that requires a massive attention to details, are the triumph of Made in Italy. Ends Cuoio sapient and highly skilled artisans apply strict rules: all our products, before leaving our facility, undergo a meticulous quality control check to guarantee that every biker will receive the best motorcycle product on the market.

Vegetable tanned leather quality

Choosing the right leather is very important when crafting a motorcycle leather saddlebag. Ends Cuoio premium vegetable tanned leather – which is selected from Tuscan tanneries that belong to the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium – is synonym of preservation, durability and overall product quality.  The choice of metal parts plays an important role as well. All metal parts exposed to the weather are made of nickel-plated brass or steel. Materials that, thanks to their immunity to oxidations, represent the best choice for products that must constantly be exposed to weather conditions of all sorts. The result is a premium leather product that will be by your side while building incredible memories on your motorcycles.

In Ends Cuoio Laboratory, a bag is devided in 4 different parts: back panel, band, flap and front. Every one of these parts gets meticulously selected before the cut that gets carried out following the silhouettes designed by our Centro Stile. Once each part is cut and selected, the production can begin. Attention to details is key: leather tabs that keep fluids outside the bags while riding are sewed to the band, whilst a leather strip is sewed around the flap to improve rigidity and guarantee share retention over extensive usage. More reasons to choose Ends Cuoio.

black friday roll bags

Roll Bags: same quality, more space

From November the 12th through November the 26th, Roll Bags on our site are down of a 10% + 10%. If you are asking yourself why, the answer is simple: we want to give you the chance of living the dream thanks to a product that can adapt to your loading needs. Our Roll leather bags can be closed at many different stages thanks to magnetic buckles. Roll bags are a dream in terms of space: they can hold up to two half helmets. To the incredible adaptative capacity, corresponds an incredible durability. To choose a Roll bag means to enter and incredible world of opportunities when almost everything is accessible: you can fill your Roll bag with the peace of mind to not leave anything out. This definitely is a great thing!

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