5 biker movies to watch for Christmas

biker movies christmas

5 biker movies to watch for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Fireplace on, epic meals and some quality family time on the couch. Every Christmas day there is an object that everyone wants: the remote. What to watch after lunch? We have a couple of ideas. Obviously, you need to be fast and get on that remote before anyone else but we believe in you and in your right wrist: a biker as yourself will not have any problem at being the fastest.

Here are 5 biker movies you cannot say no to.

The world’s Fastest Indian

Burt Munro is a New Zealand gentleman of high moral standard, with a great sense of humor and a natural inclination for speed. In 1967 sees the opportunity to take a dream off his bucket list: going to Utah to beat the World’s speed record on his 1920 Indian Scout. When Burt gets to the United States, he gets overwhelmed by a mix of feelings that recall the cliché of someone that moves from the country to the city: America is the place where everything is possible. Will he be able to make his dream come true?

Motorcycle Diaries

We are in 1952. Two young students, Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara decide to go on a motorcycle road trip across Latin America. What started as the classic adventure of two youngsters, rapidly became an acknowledgment of destitution, poverty, and discontent in which the vast majority of the South American population lived. That trip changed the two young boys forever. One of the became a symbol of battle and revolution, the “Che”, the other became one of the most brilliant Doctors in Cuba and founder of the University of Santiago de Cuba.

The Wild Angels

Heavenly Blues and his crew of wild youngsters decides to get Loser’s motorcycle back, after it was stolen by a rival gang. After a violent brawl, and the subsequent police intervention, Loser gets driven to the hospital because of the injuries sustained during the fight. Heavenly and his crew are able to break him free and hide him to one of the members’ houses. However, Loser after a while dies and his crew decides to bury him in his hometown. Will they be able to?

Road to Paloma 

Robert Wolf, a Native American, decides to run after killing the man who raped his mother to death. While running from the FBI, he meets a broke musician – Cash – with whom he gets into a bromance. The two of them start a motorcycle road trip in which they leave the craziest experiences. The authorities keep tracking them down so they decide to split so Wolf could go spread his mother ashes up north where his sister lives. Once he gets there, he starts his mother burial ritual. The FBI gets there and Wolf stries to run…

On Any Sunday 

In the USA there are more than 4 milions bikers. To conquer the number 1 plate is quite an achievement: Mert, after an incredible number of races manages to get it. Sunday motocross is a sort of festival to which a famous actor partecipate, Steve McQueen. Malcom, who excells in the 400 miles in the desert and in the mexican 1000 miles, wins the Motorcycles Olympics at El Escorial (Spagna) and a 1000 miles dirt race…

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