Ben Blake x Indian Motorcycle: Road Trip across USA

Ben Blake x Indian Motorcycle

Ben Blake x Indian Motorcycle: Road Trip across USA

Ben Blake and Indian Motorcycle are teaming up again to organize the craziest road trip ever: crossing the USA by drawing France.

Ben Blake and Indian Motorcycle

When Ben Blake and Pierre Audion – Indian Motorcycle France national director – had their first discussion, something clicked immediately. Their first discussions highlighted a sharing of common values ​​and the same passion for motorcycles and mostly, motorcycle travel. These common views set a solid ground for a number of incredible collaborations. This one that is about to happen is the third adventure that the first American motorcycle company and Ben are planning together; if you are curious, these are the first two: the first one is “Brest-Biarritz” trip, on Indian Chief in 2021, and the second one is “The trip to the country that interested no one”, in Romania, on Indian Pursuit in 2022.
To be absolutely honest, it was hard to come up with something better than the previous adventures but, Ben is an absolute genius and managed to impress us all allover again.

Crazy project

Ben has always dreamt of traveling to the United States but, since Route 66 has been ridden and ridden multiple times by anyone in the last decade, he believe that everything there was to say about it has already been documented. So, he decided to make this trip extra special and draw France on the map of the United States. Sit tight because he is not going to stop there: Anglo-Saxon culture has invaded France, but what about French culture in Uncle Sam’s country? Ben will go in search of what still remains of France in the USA between pop culture, monuments, history and population imbued with French culture.

Ben Blake chose Minneapolis as his departure city, which is the city where the head office of Indian Motorcycle is located. He flew to the United States in mid-September. At this moment in time, dealer has already prepared the motorcycle for departure from Minneapolis. Preparing the motorcycle was the first part of the challenge: it took some time for him and Indian team to modify the FTR 1200 Rally in order to meet Ben’s needs and Indian Motorcycle desire to not distort the design of the motorcycle.

About the actual trip: following a route of approximately 15,000km, he should take something around six weeks to arrive at his destination in Louisiana. That’s all we know at the moment.

Ben Blake and his love for motorcycles

Ben Blake, for whom motorcycling changed his life in 2016, lives his passion by going on adventures to meet people.

“My life changed in 2016 when I learned that I was going to be made redundant after 10 years of passion in music. This event forced me to ask myself questions about what really drives me, I decided at the age of 33 to obtain my motorcycle license and set off to travel across France armed with only my smartphone as a witness. On my return, I wrote and edited my first self-taught short film: ‘I left everything for a road trip’ spotted by the ‘Barcelonnette Adventure Film Festival’ for which I won the first prize in 2018. Very quickly, the iPhone gave way to a camera, learning takes place, videos multiply, and the public becomes passionate about my stories. Inspired by international cinema and with a background as a professional musician, the cultural mix that emerges from my productions gives me a unique identity in the world of travel” says Ben Blake.

The journey only has meaning through the encounter. Ben’s desire is to “meet the real American people along the roads, far from the big cities, to discover America without its clichés, the one that television does not show us”. It is going to be very interesting.

Indian FTR

This adventure proved that the Indian FTR is a very versatile motorcycle that, with a bit of imagination and dedication, can be tailored to individual tastes and needs.
If you are in the market for some leather bags for Indian FTR, you are in the right place.

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