Bags for men and women: it will be an incredible 2022

Bags for men and women: it will be an incredible 2022

I know that you are thinking that we already handcraft leather bags, and that therefore you are asking yourself why 2022 would be so different from all the other years. Well, the answer is rather easy and intriguing: it will be a year not only centered on motorcycles. That’s right! 2022 will be the official year in which Ends Cuoio enter a #notonlyforbikers world. Ends Cuoio Plus, born to support the motorcycle accessories production with leather objects in line with the motorcycle’s universe, will debut in the world of bags for men and women.

Leather bags capable of amaze everyone, bikers or not. Obviously, these products will follow the good old Ends Cuoio style. These new bags production will have the exact same mood that has distinguished us from everyone else in the last 20 years: we do not want to move far from our style and our identity because we strongly believe in our DNA and Soul.

Same leather, same soul

The all new Ends Cuoio Plus bags for men and women will be the natural extension of the motorcycle bags production: the handcrafting phases are almost the same and the methods will not change that much. Quality will remain the same: there will not be a production line A and a production line B. Our motto is Quality Rides With You and we will stay on that path no matter what.

No compromises, leaving quality behind for profits is not on our agenda: for this reason, in our shop you will never find low budget bags for men and women. Quality has is cost: vegetable tanned leather personally selected from the best tanneries, and our artisans work to improve the product at every step of the handcrafting process.

Where Ends Cuoio bags come from

“Byrsa”, is a Greek word that means leather: matter of fact, the first bags were more like pouches made by leather masters to help them during their activity. These pouches rapidly evolved into small bags used as an accessory to carry money and small objects by men to carry money and small objects
For the first bags with shoulder straps we will have to wait for the XIX Century. Time in which it becomes an object of daily use especially for women that, in that century, start to take trips too.

The years pass by, and bags get more and more detailed and enriched by finishes studied to attract the female audience. During the two World Wars, bags become a fundamental accessory used to move from a place to another: in this era, bags are big and made of robust leather. The end of WWII brings new trends in terms of style and usability: bags begin to get smaller and smaller, giving life to pochettes, rectangular bags and squared bags.

The real change arrives in 1956: Hermes markets the Kelly bag, as a tribute to Grace Kelly. This bag is rigid, with a lock, in harmony with the formal and elegant imaginary of woman born in that era. The 60’s are a triumph of new ideas and innovations: we have trunk bags, briefcases, pockets, zippers, bellow bags and shoulder bags.

These are the years of deconstruction: all the guidelines from the previous years are analyzed, reviewed, and revolutionized. Daily bags are now made of materials like plastic, fabric and straw, and have new modern floral, striped and polka dots designs. Evening bags start to use gold leather and high-end fabric. Nowadays bags are an essential element of women outfit, an accessory that completes a style and a status symbol.

A silhouette to discover

Our bags are the outcome of a meticulous market analysis. Our Designers and our Artisans designed exclusive products for men and women who want to outstand on every occasion.

The silhouettes of these bags are designed keeping that in mind: yes, bags are containers but need to have style. Industrial production of bags, over the past years, has been producing low quality stuff: bags that after a couple of months get deteriorated, break and end-up in the back of a wardrobe.

We have a different mindset: we do not want to end-up in some drawer, we do not want to be part of the vast majority of products that brake and deteriorate easily. We want to give you an impeccable product that, if treated right, can last you forever. Is it going to be hard? Of course it is! The market rapidly evolves but we do not take a step back, not even to take a run-up: we aim to quality, to be memorable as usual.
Will you be by our side?

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