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Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S

2022 Harley Davidson: what a show!

The new 2022 Harley Davidson models line arrives as a breath of fresh air, full of novelty, which catapults us with our minds to the motorcycle season that is about to start. Let's face it frankly: we needed it! Almost a year after the presentation of the Sportster S, Harley Davidson amazes us with a roundup of news. There are eight models...

sanremo in moto

Dream roads: Sanremo and the Ligurian hinterland

The Sanremo Music Festival 2022 has just started and the media are already focusing on the songs, the artists and the gossip. Besides being the most long-running music event in Italy, the Festival is the most known around the world. Over the last couple of years the event became a true worldwide mediatic phenomenon: the hashtags on Twitter reach peaks...

How to clean leather: a couple of tricks

How to clean leather: a couple of tricks

You have just bought a leather saddlebag and you have no idea of how to clean it? No problem, you are reading the right article. Let’s start by saying that Ends Cuoio only uses premium vegetable tanned leather that ages very well. However, atmospheric conditions (wind, rain, snow etc) can increase the signs left by time and use. That is...

pirenei in moto

Dream roads: loop of the Pyrenees

Every biker has dreamed to ride the Pyrenees on his motorcycle at least once in his life. A unique, special and unforgetable ride capable of make you feel strong emotions. We are talking about 1.503 km (934 miles) of fascinating curves and hairpin turns that will make you fall in love with the most incredible Mountain Range in the world. The...

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motor bike expo verona 2022 (fonte immagine:

2022 Motor Bike Expo a Verona: Ends Cuoio will be there!

From January the 13th and January the 16th, Verona will be the meeting point for bikers from all over the world. Veronafire will be theater of the 2022 Motor Bike Expo, event that will rock the city with its custom motorcycles space and more than 50 premieres. Motor Bike Expo is the most important Italian motorcycle event and gathers all...

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Bags for men and women: it will be an incredible 2022

I know that you are thinking that we already handcraft leather bags, and that therefore you are asking yourself why 2022 would be so different from all the other years. Well, the answer is rather easy and intriguing: it will be a year not only centered on motorcycles. That’s right! 2022 will be the official year in which Ends Cuoio...

biker movies christmas

5 biker movies to watch for Christmas

Christmas is coming. Fireplace on, epic meals and some quality family time on the couch. Every Christmas day there is an object that everyone wants: the remote. What to watch after lunch? We have a couple of ideas. Obviously, you need to be fast and get on that remote before anyone else but we believe in you and in your...

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vegetable tanned leather

4 Christmas gift for bikers and everyone: reasons to choose Ends Cuoio

Christmas is finally here, and it is time to get gifts. Someone has already achieved the daunting task, while other are still struggling. Gifting something original is getting harder and harder but, this year, you can make the difference thanks to Ends Cuoio Plus. We are talking about a line of vegetable tanned leather products that stand out for their...

motorcycle large bags

Motorcycle road trip: the perks of large bags

Road tripping on a motorcycle is like dreaming. Leaving early in the morning and going on for miles and miles all day long. Sun, wind, rain, it doesn’t matter when passion and adrenaline pump through your veins. What makes the difference is the equipment and, let me tell you, large saddlebags are a must have: they can be filled with...

christmas presents

5 Christmas presents signed Ends Cuoio Plus

Christmas presents for everyone. Card holders, pick holders, keychains, wallets, leg bags, belts, guitar straps and purses. Ends CuoioPlus keeps growing thanks to the same good ol’ secret: leather quality. To create these unique masterpieces, Ends Cuoio only uses vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries. Vegetable tanned leather is a special material that gets better...

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