All new EC+ belts: everyone’s right fit

Belts made by Ends Cuoio using vegetable tanned leather

All new EC+ belts: everyone’s right fit

Thought for bikers but wearable by everyone who loves to wear premium accessories: Ends Cuoio craftsmen designed and created a whole new line of EC+ branded leather belts with a style inspired by the best saddlebags on the market…Ours. EC+ comes from the necessity of experimenting new horizons in terms of style and leather applications; leather is ductile and resistant, simple but at the same time versatile and fascinating. We loved the idea of giving our creativity more space to design a line of accessories that would meet our regular customers taste and, at the same time, attract those who love exclusive accessories.

Loved by all sexes, leather belts seemed the very best starting point: at a first glance a belt can communicate your personality and your style. So, taking great inspiration from Ends Cuoio most loved bestsellers, our Centro Stile designed Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas and all other EC+ belts.

Leather Belts: what makes them so special

Entirely handmade using 4mm thick vegetable tanned bull leather, Ends Cuoio belts can have a unique and minimal or a more studied and refined design. A style choice that was taken for one reason: make them perfect for every occasion. Solid brass buckles not only provide a unique and distictive style to our belts but, also, turn them into very resistant accessories of incredible durability.

A large number of colors and a wide choice of buckles make Ends Cuoio belts appealing to everyone: some models have an extremely essential design like New York  that, with its seams, is clearly inspired by Beat and Gypsy; others, like Two Tone and Ostrich,  are inspired by the kind of leather used on some of our motorcycle bags; then there is Texas that, with its unmatched intertwined chromatisms, is on a whole another level. Ends Cuoio belts are meant for who, biker or not, wants to stand out wearing premium quality and high-end design accessories.
Be unique, while riding your motorcycle and in your everyday life.

Ends Cuoio Plus: real vegetable tanned leather

Leather is for everyone. You do not have to be a biker in order to love it: definitely everyone can wear premium leather accessories. The idea of providing everyone with the best wearable accessories motivated Ends Cuoio skilled artisans to create two lines of products: Ends Cuoio Plus line for bikers ( leg-bag, leather shoe cover, keyfob holder, telepass holder) and Ends Cuoio plus for who loves premium leather (belts, bracelets and wallets).

Products for who, biker or not, loves to stand out in every situation and that wants products of absolute artisanal quality and design. Ends Cuoio knows how to make you unique while riding your motorcycle and in your everyday life. 

The whole new EC+ line comes from the will of experimenting with vegetable tanned leather infinite applications, a ductile and resistant material that can be worked in innovative ways.  We liked the idea of setting our passion for leather works free to create a line of accessories, in line with Ends Cuoio style, that could be appreciated by who wants exclusive and refined products.

We decided to start with belts which are one of the most loved accessories by boys and girls: the right belt can tell everything about your personality and style. 

The all new Ends Cuoio belts are inspired by our motorcycle bags. Hand made using only 4mm thick certified vegetable tanned bull leather (just like our bags), these belts have a versatile design (sometimes minimal, sometimes more refined) studied to be perfect for every occasion. Solid brass buckles make these belts even more unique and resistant. 

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