Mauro Meconi: a personalized leather saddlebag for his camera

Mauro Meconi: a personalized leather saddlebag for his camera

Mauro Meconi: a personalized leather saddlebag for his camera

A couple of weeks ago we received a special request from an Italian actor known for his role in Romanzo Criminale. In this video is possible to see how happy Mauro Meconi is to show his brand new personalized leather saddlebag. The actor had the need for a camera holder that he could use on his Sportster. It has been a fun challenge. We had to come up with a design that allowed the bag to have all camera protection criteria and not look bulky.

Mauro Meconi: a personalized leather saddlebag for his camera

We are going to show you, with a couple of pictures, all the steps we followed in order to create this personalized bag. The first thing we did was designing a tailored model in order to have an idea of how the bag would be shaped and the amount of space it would take in order to be big enough to sustain the weight of the content it is designed for. It is important to keep in mind that this bag need to have specific protection for the camera it will hold.

Mauro supplied us with the protective foam required to keep the camera protected at all times; no one but him would know better how to keep its photo camera safe. It is also possible to spot an additional space inside the right hand side saddlebag: that space is meant for storing accessories that can be useful when operating a photo camera, Mauro decided to use it to store its lenses. Saying that realizing this personalized leather saddlebag was a stimulating and fun task to achieve would be an understatement! We are sincerely thankful to Mauro for his challenging and brilliant idea.

Now his photo camera has a safe spot to be stored while not sharing good memories with its owner.

An amazing actor

Attore, regista e fondatore della Mv Pictures, Mauro Meconi è uno dei volti del piccolo e grande schermo più amati dal pubblico italiano. Si è diplomato presso la Nuova Università del Cinema e della Televisione ed è diventato famoso con l’interpretazione di Pollo nel film generazionale ”Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo”, che segna la svolta nella sua carriera. A consolidare la sua fama ci pensa il ruolo di Fierolocchio in Romanzo Criminale – La Serie, la prima fiction italiana ad essere distribuita in tutto il mondo che ha avuto un successo pazzesco.

Ricopre poi, né “I Mostri Oggi” , il ruolo che, nel precedente “I mostri”, era ricoperto da Vittorio Gassman. Inoltre prende parte a diversi film come ”L’abbiamo fatta grossa” con Carlo Verdone e Antonio Albanese. Dal 2006 si dedica anche all’attività di regista, mettendo la sua firma su corti, mediometraggi e serie web, fino a fondare la casa di produzione Mv Pictures. Oltre a far parte del team dei corsi di formazione del DAP e dell’Ospedale Bambin Gesù, è stato autore del programma radiofonico Voice Anatomy in onda su Radio 24 e ha vinto numerosi premi:


  • 2007 – Professione cinema, stage from Francesco Apolloni
  • 2006 – Acting and improvisation from Francesco Apolloni
  • 2005 – Graduated from Nuct.


  • 2007 – Videoclip script “Witch”, by Tular
  • Regia “Violent Loop”, an Eagle Pictures short film, made with contribution of Ministero peri beni e le Attività culturali
  • 2006 – Direction of “Wer die alte strasse…”, short film produced by “Nuct”

Honors and Awards

  • 2007 – Best Italian short film award at Riff Indipendent Film Festival, with Violent Loop, Directed by Mauro Meconi
  • 2007 – Obtained Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali contribution for the make of “Violent Loop”
  • 2004 – Best emerging actor award at the Riff Indipendent Film Festival
  • 2003 – Best actor award at  Festival di Comicittà with the movie “Fate come noi”
  • 2003 – Best main character award at Festival du Film Italien di Ajaccio, with the movie “Fate come noi”.

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