A Guide to Choosing the Leather Bag for Your Motorcycle

Cherokee Motorcycle leather saddlebag for Indian Scout Bobber - Ends Cuoio ctgr

A Guide to Choosing the Leather Bag for Your Motorcycle

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a reliable and functional saddlebag to carry your personal belongings during trips.

Among the various options available, leather bags stand out for their durability, classic style, and timeless aesthetic.

But what is the best position to mount your leather bag? In this guide, we will examine the different options and their benefits to help you make the best decision.


Side Bag: Versatility and Loading Capacity

Side bags are a popular choice among bikers thanks to their ability to carry heavier loads and easy access to contents during the journey. Mounted on the sides of the motorcycle, they offer optimal balance and allow for even weight distribution. Ideal for longer trips, side bags are often equipped with adjustable straps to fit various sizes and shapes of motorcycles.

Here you can see an example of a Side Bag: the stunning Tomahawk Diamante for Indian Motorcycle.


Near License Plate: Practicality and Extra Space

License plate side bags are perfect for those who wish to carry larger items or travel with a passenger. Positioned on the rear of the motorcycle, by the license plate (without needing any modifications), they offer ample loading capacity and are ideal for carrying bulkier luggage such as backpacks or travel bags.

Little Boogie Targa is one of the leather bag models for Harley Davidson made by Ends Cuoio.


motorcycle leather saddle bag for harley davidson dyna - ends cuoio tango outlet d 78 ttdg

Tank Bag: Accessibility and Convenience

Tank bags are the perfect choice for those who want essential items within reach during the journey. Positioned on the top of the motorcycle’s tank, they offer quick and easy access to contents without having to stop riding. Many tank bags come with multiple pockets and compartments to better organize your personal effects.


Rear Bag: The Pinnacle of Space Without Bulk

Especially if you’re about to embark on a long journey, the motorcycle rear bag is a very useful solution. These are bags with a large loading capacity where you can stash a bit of everything. Among the Ends Cuoio proposals, we find the spacious Sissy rear motorcycle bag, specifically made for some Triumph, BMW, Harley, and Indian models.


Oval Bag: Versatility and Adaptability

Oval bags are a versatile solution that adapts to different types of motorcycles and meets a variety of transportation needs. With their design, they offer a compromise between loading capacity and style, making them ideal for all types of trips. Oval bags are available in various sizes and styles to meet individual bikers’ preferences.

An example of an Oval Bag is our Big Round, an oval motorcycle bag made for Moto Guzzi, Harley, Indian, Triumph, and BMW, but generally for all models and brands of Custom motorcycles.

motorcycle leather toolbag for harley davidson & indian motorcycle - ends cuoio oval tm ctbi

Footboard Bags: Making Use of All Available Space

Not everyone produces footboard bags for motorcycles. In fact, Ends Cuoio has managed to create models that perfectly fit the available space, not hindering the normal use of the footboard at all. You can see the Paco model, a bag for Indian Chief and Indian Scout, to understand how it harmonizes perfectly. An extra precious space that will be very useful.


Motorcycle leather saddlebag for Indian Scout Bobber - Paco ends cuoio ctn

In conclusion, whether you prefer a side, rear, tank, or oval bag, make sure to opt for a solution that suits your riding style and travel habits. Visit our online store and browse through the available options to find the perfect leather bag for you and enjoy your motorcycle trips with the style and functionality of Ends Cuoio products.

Choose your bag now! Start by choosing the brand of your motorcycle!

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