5 Christmas presents signed Ends Cuoio Plus

christmas presents

5 Christmas presents signed Ends Cuoio Plus

Christmas presents for everyone. Card holders, pick holders, keychains, wallets, leg bags, belts, guitar straps and purses. Ends CuoioPlus keeps growing thanks to the same good ol’ secret: leather quality. To create these unique masterpieces, Ends Cuoio only uses vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan Tanneries. Vegetable tanned leather is a special material that gets better with age and, according to the latest research, is an adjuvant substance in the fight against bacteria. Working with vegetable tanned leather is an Ends Cuoio trademark. At this moment in time, when artisans find though competition in mass production, we step up the game with excellence and with a 100% Made in Italy artisanal production. This year, place Ends Cuoio quality under the tree.

Florence, an incredible wallet

Florence, new piece of Ends Cuoio Plus line , is a large wallet. Entirely handcrafted using certified vegetable tanned leather, Florence is an artisanal product 100% made in Italy. It has a large coin pouch, 12 card slots, and 3 slots for bills; the larger of which is positioned behind the coin pouch. The artwork and the closing clip positioned in the front portion of this wallet, are the traits that make Florence stand out the most. It is available in many different colors and it comes with a metal chain and a leather loop that allow Florence to be secured to a belt. Metal chain that can be easily removed or replaced with your favourite one, a trait that makes this wallet versatile also in terms of style: with no chain it can be used as a regular wallet with an unmached elegance and quality, and with the chain on it express all its potentials in terms of style and safety.

• Vegetable tanned leather
• 12 card slots
• 3 slots for bills
• Coin pouch
• Metal chain
• Passante in cuoio

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Guitar strap by Ends Cuoio

Ends Cuoio Plus handmade guitar and bass straps combine exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and an ingenious design that allows evenly distributing the weight of the instrument without inhibiting the player’s technique. These straps are made cutting an ergonomic shape, of which length can change depending on the musician’s needs, from a premium leather sheet. Vegetable tanned leather that, paired with the right width for your instrument body, guarantees a playing comfort never seen before in the single layer straps category. Tuscan vegetable tanned leather is synonym of excellence all over the world; during first uses, vegetable tanned leather straps could feel a bit stiff in some areas, however, with use they perfectly adapt to the musician body. This Guitar Strap is entirely handmade. Since every product is individually hand colored and buffed, shades cannot be equalle repeated on every piece. This makes every this Guitar Strap a unique piece (among the Christmas presents, perhaps one of the most original)

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A key fob holder for real bikers (a original Christmas presents)

This key fob holder is specifically designed for Harley-Davidson® key fobs. Made using 2mm thick vegetable tanned leather, this key fob holder is equipped with a hook to secure it to your jeans loops. We are sure that one of your Harley buddies will be more than happy to find one of these under the tree!

The pick holder/key chain for who plays the guitar

If you have to buy a gift for someone who loves music, there’s an Ends CuoioPlus accessory that you cannot miss. We are talking about the guitar shaped keychain pick holder. Two products in one will make your christmas unforgettable. With a design inspired by the iconic Stratocaster, this product allows you to take your favorite picks wherever you go. Handcrafted using vegetable tanned leather certified by the best Tuscan tanneries, it has two rings (one for the keys and the other for the pick holder) and a snap-hook that allows it to be hooked to trousers. As all Ends Cuoio Plus products, this Pick Holder and Keychain is made keeping sustainability in mind: 100% natural leather which, thanks to vegetable tanning, contains no chrome. Water based glue and cardboard packaging. Choose Ends Cuoio Plus Pick Holder and Keychain and you will be always ready to unleash your Rock Soul!

Christmas presents: a card holder that makes you standout

Leather Card Holder, entirely handcrafted for the whole new Ends Cuoio Plus line. As all Ends Cuoio leather products, this accessory is hand made using certified vegetable tanned leather.This Ends Cuoio Plus Card Holder is designed and created in Italy using Tuscan vegetable tanned leather; traits that make it an 100% made in Italy accessory. It has two cards compartments – one in the front and one in the back – that can hold up to 6 cards, and an insert that can hold folded bills. It is available in multiple colors of leather and/or seams. Choose the very best: choose the new line of Ends Cuoio Plus Card Holder!

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