4 Christmas gift for bikers and everyone: reasons to choose Ends Cuoio

vegetable tanned leather

4 Christmas gift for bikers and everyone: reasons to choose Ends Cuoio

Christmas is finally here, and it is time to get gifts. Someone has already achieved the daunting task, while other are still struggling. Gifting something original is getting harder and harder but, this year, you can make the difference thanks to Ends Cuoio Plus. We are talking about a line of vegetable tanned leather products that stand out for their premium quality and for their great durability. We are very far from those eco-leather products that easily turn to garbage, we are talking about products that get better and better with age.

Ends Cuoio Plus: “out of the box” gifts for men

Wallets, card holders, pick holders, guitar straps, keychains. Leg bags and biker belts. This year choose something different, trust Ends Cuoio Plus. To handcraft these authentic objects, we only use vegetable tanned bull leather personally selected from the best Tuscan tanneries. Vegetable tanned leather is a unique material: it gets better with age. Vegetable tanned leather develops a patina that makes it look better and better over time. This is why, this year, you gotta choose Ends Cuoio: a company that is 100% Made in Italy and that has as its strong points excellence and artisanry.

California, here we come!

Who loved THE OC definitely remebers this sentence. It was the first sentence of the chorus of the song played in the intro where frames of incredible places were shown; images that made you think that something unique could really happen. That was THE OC: a day dream that last 4 seasons.

California belt by Ends Cuoio Plus fully represents this mood: original and fashion, this belt is designed to satisfy the most rebel souls. Leather and metal blend together to create an object that clearly recalls a motorcycle chain. A transgressive and unconventional belt, ideal for those who like to dress in an unconventional way. Its buckle is made in solid brass, it is indestructible.

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Guitar strap

If you have a friend, a relative or a boyfriend/girlfriend that plays the guitar, there is a gift you cannot miss. We are talking about the guitar strap, ideal for who loves music and wants to visually standout. Vegetable tanned leather for this product reaches incredible levels of beauty. The traits that make it special: 4mm of thickness, adjustable length ( min 100cm and max 151cm) and pick holder.

Who plays the guitar is aware of the importance of balance and weight distribution. A lot of guitar players have had bad experiences with cheap guitar straps that could not stand the weight. This is not the case: we have worked hard to give you an incredible guitar strap.

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A Leg Bag that has no rivals

Leg Bag Special is handcrafted using the best vegetable tanned bull leather on the market. The main difference with the regular Leg Bag is in its dimensions and looks. Leg Bag Special is the biggest and most capacious leg bag ever handcrafted by Ends Cuoio artisans. It has a spacious main pouch, two smaller pocket and a flap that seals everything thanks to a Velcro strap. Of course, the pouch and pockets are independently sealed by a zipper.

It is very easy to wear: a look secures it to the biker’s belt and a leather strap secures it to the biker’s leg. The strap that wraps around the biker’s leg is secured thanks to a FidLock magnetic buckle that will allow you to strap and unstrap it with a single gesture. Leg Bag Special will store your phone, documents and more; is the best leg bag you will ever have.

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Florence, a wallet for who really appreciates leather

Florence is a large wallet for bikers. The main protagonist is the same: vegetable tanned bull leather that is molded by our artisans into a 100% Made in Italy art piece. Inside it has: large coin puches, 12 slots for cards and IDs and 3 compartments (the most spacious is placed behind the coin pouch. Florence look is defined by its characteristic design and its leather clip. It is available in different colors and is the ideal present of someone who’s always a step ahead. If your partner is someone that doesn’t have to try to hard, this is the right gift.

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