2024 Hydra Glide Revival: the Harley-Davidson Icon returns

harley davidson hydra glide revival 2024

2024 Hydra Glide Revival: the Harley-Davidson Icon returns

The Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide is an iconic motorcycle that has played a significant role in the brand’s history and in the motorcycle landscape at large.

Its history dates back to the 1940s, when it was introduced as one of the first Harley-Davidson bikes to be equipped with hydraulic front suspensions, an innovative feature for the time.

The name “Hydra-Glide” comes from the combination of two main elements: “Hydra“, referring to the hydraulic front suspension, and “Glide“, evoking the smooth and comfortable riding experience that this system offered compared to bikes without suspensions or with less sophisticated suspensions.

The Hydra-Glide model was first introduced in 1949 as a replacement for the previous “Springer” model, which had a spring front suspension. The hydraulic suspension of the Hydra-Glide greatly improved riding comfort and handling, making it popular among motorcyclists of the era.

Over the years, the Hydra-Glide underwent various evolutions and technological improvements, becoming an icon of the Harley-Davidson brand and helping to shape the image and reputation of the American motorcycle manufacturer in the industry.

The bike was used in various contexts, from track racing to long road cruises, demonstrating its versatility and reliability.

Although the production of the original Hydra-Glide ceased in the 1960s, its legendary status and its lasting impact in the motorcycle world continue to be celebrated.

The revival of the name with Harley-Davidson’s Hydra-Glide Revival 2024 is a tribute to this rich heritage and a testament to the lasting influence this model has had over the decades.


Hydra Glide Revival 2024


Harley-Davidson’s Hydra-Glide Revival 2024 is an interesting novelty in the motorcycle world, especially for brand enthusiasts and lovers of the classic Harley style. This model echoes the past, incorporating iconic elements of the Harley-Davidson bikes from the 1950s and 60s, but with modern technology and performance.

The technical specifications and exact features of the Hydra-Glide Revival 2024 may vary, but they include a powerful engine, advanced technology for driving and comfort, and a design that mixes retro elements with modern details.

This bike offers a comfortable and unique riding experience, with a distinctive character that stands out from other bikes on the market. For those who love the classic style of Harley-Davidson and at the same time appreciate modern performance and reliability, the Hydra-Glide Revival 2024 is a decidedly fascinating choice. Significant is the choice for the livery, which reintroduces the historic two-tone “slash” paintwork of the 1956 models, coming to life in Redline Red and Birch White shades.

Limited to only 1,750 units, each motorcycle bears a serialized emblem with the name “Hydra-Glide Revival” on the handlebar riser terminal, in addition to the distinctive Icons collection graphics on the rear fender.


Features of the Hydra Glide Revival 2024

The Harley Glide Revival 2024 presents a classic style with chrome finishes and Redline Red and Birch White colors. It is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 engine, cruise control, and a high-flow Screamin’ Eagle™ air filter.

The frame is a Softail™ with lowered suspensions. It has a length of 2,415 mm, a saddle height of 685 mm unloaded, and a running order weight of 332 kg.

The tank has a capacity of 18.9 l, and the engine has a displacement of 1,868 cc with a power of 94 HP. You can find more details by visiting the official Harley-Davidson website.

We at Endscuoio, producers of Harley-Davidson Saddlebags and more, are thrilled with this decision to reintroduce one of the most fascinating motorcycles in the history of motorcycling of all time.

Courtesy image by www.www.harley-davidson.com


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