2023 European Bike Week


2023 European Bike Week

The European Bike Week , which takes place around Faaker See (Sept the 5th-Sept the 10th ), is probably the most iconic motorcycle and Harley-Davidson gathering in the world. Let’s see what the event has in store for the bikers!

The program

This year the European Bike Week is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the same hear in which Harley-Davidson celebrates its 120th anniversary. Considering that the vast majority of the riders participating on the event every year ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, the event is bound to be a giant celebration!

Here you can find a link to the program of the event: Event Guide

Harley Village – European Bike Week

The Harley Village at the European Bike Week will not disappoint. As usual, there will be a lot of activities for the bikers to participate in. Let’s see them together:

Here bikers will be able to see an extensive selection of the newest motorcycles presented by Harley-Davidson this year, including the 120th Anniversary models and the all-new CVO range (definitely worth seeing, trust me). Also, H.O.G. members can interact with each other or with the Harley-Davidson team.

Here bikers will be able to out some of the most desirable motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson 2023 lineup including Sport, Cruiser, Grand American Touring and Adventure Touring. Plus in the new Live Action Arena is possible to see the Pan America. It is possible to Pre-Register

The dedicated and experienced Harley-Davidson team is ready to welcome you to European Bike Week, and is looking forward to meeting you in Austria.

As usual selected vendors will present their products on the shopping street in the Harley Village.

A large number of authorized Harley-Davidson dealers will be there to showcase their latest offerings in apparel and accessories.

It would not be the European Bike Week without the Custom Bike Show. As last year the competition will be tough and the motorcycles participating to the Show will be incredible.

The parade – will take place on Saturday – is one of the most crowded event of the whole bike week: do not miss on the opportunity or riding around the region with thousands of fellow bikers.
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Accommodation for the European Bike Week

You can find everything you ned here: https://www.bikeweek.at/en/book-your-accommodation.html


Ends Cuoio and the European Bike Week

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