2022 Harley Davidson: what a show!

Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S

2022 Harley Davidson: what a show!

The new 2022 Harley Davidson models line arrives as a breath of fresh air, full of novelty, which catapults us with our minds to the motorcycle season that is about to start. Let’s face it frankly: we needed it! Almost a year after the presentation of the Sportster S, Harley Davidson amazes us with a roundup of news. There are eight models introduced by the Milwaukee based Company for 2022, four are standard (Low Rider S, Low Rider ST, Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST), and four belonging to the CVO family. Let’s discover them together!

Harley Davidson 2022 – CVO Models 

Let’s start with a bang! The new CVO “Custom vehicle operations” models are based on a Street Glide, Road Glide, Road Glide Limited and Tri Glide. As always, they are made in a limited series and are characterized by the level of accessories with which they are equipped. In terms of style, all four are made with special paints curated by Gunslinger Custom Paintand are equipped with the Harley-Davidson Audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate, the LED Daymaker cornering lights, and the Boom! 30K Bluetooth audio. The four CVOs have a Milwaukee Eight 117 engine in the two versions of 170 or 171 Nm. All four of them are equipped with the Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements system, which integrates combined braking, cornering ABS, traction control, engine brake management, hill start assistance and TPMS.

CVO Street Glide

The CVO Street Glide is the classic hot rod bagger, featuring the iconic Batwing fairing. Going into detail, among the key features of the model is possible to find: new decorative inserts and engine covers in burnished chrome, Kahuna collection heated grips , Screamin ‘Eagle Heavy Breather filter, and Fugitive custom rims in gloss black with contrasting chrome plating.

CVO Road Glide 

The CVO Road Glide immediately draws attention thanks to the 21″ front wheel and 18″ rear wheel, both made of cast aluminum and interwoven spokes; solution that requires a customized suspension calibration. As the CVO Street Glide, the CVO Road glide is equipped with Kahuna heated grips and a Screamin ‘Eagle Heavy Breather air filter.

CVO Road Glide Limited 

The Limited version adds some details to the Road Glide and makes it even more exclusive, if possible. We are talking about a heated seat with dual-zone rider / passenger control for greater comfort in cold weather, custom Tomahawk rims, and new paint options.

CVO Tri Glide 

In addition to all the features already mentioned for the entire range, the Tri Glide is equipped with new inserts and decorative details, with Tomahawk Contrast Cut cast aluminum rims, a heated saat with dual-zone rider / passenger control, and the new Dante’s color scheme. Red and Dante’s Black Sunglo Fade Flame Pattern and Bright Chrome finishes

Harley Davidson 2022 – Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST

In the new Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST there’s a nice sprinkling of the racing DNA of the official Scremin ‘Eagle that won the MotoAmerica championship. The two hot rod baggers come standard with the 117-inch Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin, die-cast aluminum wheels, Brembo Reflex combined braking with ABS, Boom! GTS box with touch screen and navigator, cruise control and Daymaker LED headlights.

Street Glide ST

The most famous Batwing in the world is presented in this version with the splitstream intake to reduce air impact on the rider’s helmet and the dark low-profile windshield, a total dark look, front fender with a sporty profile and standard side bags. The package is completed by a Heavy Breather cone air filter and the new solo seat that gives the Street Glide ST a more streamlined appearance. The dynamics of this motorcycle are exceptional, it features rear shock absorbers with emulsion technology and a 49 mm Showa fork with dual bending valve technology. The Brembo Reflex combined braking, with two-channel ABS, completes the chassis equipment. Other features include the Boom! GTS box with touch screen, two speakers in the front fairing and hidden radio antenna. Cruise control is standard and the LED headlight is a Daymaker light. Ignition with electronic key and proximity sensor complete and already incredible package.

Road Glide ST

The Shark is presented with the usual triple splitstream air intake to divert the air from the rider’s helmet. The fairing is complemented by the dark, low-profile windshield and features two Daymaker LED headlights. The chassis, as for the Street Glide, features two rear shocks with emulsion technology and a 49mm Showa fork with dual bending valve technology. Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements is standard on both touring ST models, including electronically combined cornering braking, cornering-ABS, cornering-type traction control, release engine brake control, hill hold control and tire pressure monitoring. The Boom! Box GTS is the same one equipped on the Street Glide.

Harley Davidson 2022 – Low Rider S and Low Rider ST 

For the first time ever, softail models, in this case Low Rider S and ST, have the same engine equipped the CVO models as standard: the Milwaukee-Eight 117. The 2022 Low Rider S is designed to emphasize riding, the ST version, on the other hand, aims to offer the comfort of a touring with rigid bags and a new fairing that allows you to add a Harley-Davidson audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate as an accessory.

Low Rider ST 

This sport-touring is inspired by the Californian tall bike movement. The panniers are tall and narrow, the rear suspension has an increased travel, the handlebars are tall and the fairing is inspired by the FXRT.

With the central headlight flanked by the side air intakes – says Brad Richards, Vice President of the Harley-Davidson style center – the reference to the FXRT is immediate. The fairing with clean lines and revised proportions reveals a modern, dynamic and aerodynamically better look than the FXRT. The raised mounting of the saddlebags above the exhaust does not limit the lean angle ”.

The standard equipment is not bad at all: the 150 mm high Dark Smoke windshield is equipped with a 14.6 cm LED headlight. The lockable hard saddlebags have a clamshell design and can be removed in seconds with a quick release mechanism. The total capacity is 53.8 liters. The saddle is single-seater, the handlebar is mounted on a 100 mm riser and the instrumentation has a digital display housed in the handlebar riser for a more intuitive use. The Rockford Fosgate audio kit includes a 250-watt amplifier with digital signal processing technology, a pair of 5.25-inch woofers and two tweeters. An accessory that you should really think about!

Low Rider S 

The Low Rider S has a new analog tachometer plus digital speedometer positioned on the handlebar rather than in the tank console of previous Low Rider S models. The rear monoshock is identical to that of the ST version, and guarantees a greater lean angle than the old Low Rider S models. The chassis base, including brakes, are also the same as the ST version. Overall, it is a great improvement compared to everything that was ever produced before it.

Harley Davidson 2022 – Leather Ends Bags

To complete the sinuous lines of the Low Rider S, Ends Cuoio Artisans recommend a selection of bags that can satisfy your every need:

  • Swingarm Bags: Bob and Bob Special.
  • Compact bags: Beat, Folk, Little Gypsy, Little Glam.
  • Large bags: Country, Gypsy, Middle Gypsy, Glam.

A special mention goes to the new line of Roll bags, their strong point is that they can increase the load capacity almost double compared to the basic bag. The Roll Gypsy and Roll Glam models represent a real trump card in terms of space for your motorcycle trips.

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